Patient Portal

Dear Patient,

It is a pleasure to link you to your web portal. From here you will be able to receive important messages from your clinic in a confidential manner. You will also be able to view your current medications, allergies, medical issues and your recent laboratories as they arrive to the clinic. More importantly, you will see messages from your clinic and you will receive alerts to instantly access the portal when a message is sent to you.

You will also be able to communicate with the clinic in a very easy manner via the same portal.

Why not simply use EMAIL to communicate?

Because emails cannot be kept private. So this extra step insures that no one other than you and your clinic can see the communication.

Directions to Register

Here are the simple directions to registering safely.

  • STEP 1.   Open your email editor, whether in your computer or on the web
  • STEP 2.   Click here, it will open your Patient Portal
  • STEP 3.   View the video below