Praxis Protects You

Aside from limiting your practice of medicine, template-based EMRs expose physicians to numerous risks. The fundamental flaws in template technology are legal liabilities for your practice. Praxis is the only EMR that protects you.


  To prevent malpractice claims, good documentation is critical. Praxis provides the best legal protection for practicing physicians by recording not just what is done in each case, but the logical progression of thought that leads to a diagnosis or course of action. Unlike template systems that reduce your practice of medicine to check-boxes, Praxis documents each unique case as you think through it, your way. (Learn More)

Medicare Denials

  Templates expose you to the serious risk of generating “cloned” documentation, a practice that violates Medicare policy. Praxis is the only EMR that does not clone documentation. Instead, it allows you to chart electronically in free text using your own words, preserving the unique nature of your medical documentation. (Learn More)


  With Praxis, you will never under-code again. Even more importantly, Praxis EMR is the only EMR software that protects you against illegal upcoding. Praxis captures patient visits at a level of detail that is impossible for templates to achieve. This ensures optimal Medicare and insurance coding every time. (Learn More)

Still using Templates?
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