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Praxis Electronic Medical Records: The Template-Free EHR

Chart as fast as you think. Template EHRs slow you down.

Excellent documentation means higher quality medicine.

Increase your revenues. Concept Processing pays.

Medicine is an art.

No two doctors practice the same way. Praxis gives you the freedom to practice medicine your way, in your own words, no matter what your specialty.

The #1 Rated EHR by Physicians

Praxis is ranked #1 in customer satisfaction and usability.

  • "I enjoy using this EHR."
  • "I can see more patients or go home earlier."
  • "EHR notes promote better patient care."
  • "EHR clearly displays information/no clutter."
  • "EHR helps me focus on patient care."

See why Praxis is Rated #1

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Specialty Case Studies

Otolaryngology Case Study Otolaryngology

Better Medicine

"Praxis means better care for the patients, in a cost- and time- efficient manner; it means better medicine for everyone, patient and doctor alike."

Internal Medicine Case Study Internal Medicine


"Praxis actually learns how you practice medicine, based on how you chart. That's what makes it different."

OB-GYN Case Study OB-GYN

Higher Reimbursement

"Praxis paid for itself in less than a year, and has now paid for itself over and over again!.... It makes my patient visits faster and helps reduce my liability."

Gastroenterology Case Study Gastroenterology

Incredibly flexible

"With Praxis, I even have the freedom to create my own report model for Gastroenterology, using my own words, how I think, and how I practice medicine."