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 Praxis Electronic Medical Records: The Template-Free EHR
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Watch FREE Praxis EMR Demo
Watch FREE Praxis EMR Demo
How Praxis EMR Works
How Praxis Works
Praxis thinks like you do. Before templates, before words, your mind has a concept. This concept is related to the diagnosis and then expressed in words. Praxis allows you to chart in your own words at the speed of your mind.
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Why Templates Don't Work
Why Templates Don't Work
Praxis EMR is template-free. Templates waste your time, money, and force you to practice lower quality medicine.
NEW: According to new CMS guidelines, templates no longer qualify as adequate Medicare documentation.
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Rated #1 by Physicians
Rated #1 by Physicians
Praxis EMR is rated #1 in user satisfaction. Finish charts in seconds while improving your medical quality and bottom line. See why physicians love Praxis EMR.
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Benefits of Template-Free Charting
The fastest way to chart today: you literally chart as fast as you think.
Complete entire complex chart notes with only a few mouse-clicks.
Medical Quality
Praxis EMR continually refines your approach to medicine.
Quality documentation is the best defense in a legal proceeding.
Better medical quality improves productivity and your bottom line.
Introducing Praxis Version 5
Concept Processor   Knowledge Exchanger   Praxis EMR Datum
Concept Processor   Knowledge Exchanger   Praxis Datum
The AI engine inside Praxis EMR gets faster and smarter as you use it.   Getting started is fast, easy and
  Automate your reporting for MU, PQRI, P4P and more.
Praxis EMR v5 takes its award-winning Concept Processing technology to a new level. The Concept Processor inside acts as your second medical brain recalling elements from past cases that are relevant to the case at hand. This allows you the freedom to chart in your own words, so you practice medicine your way instead of limiting you to templates. The more you use Praxis EMR, the faster and smarter it becomes.
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  Now Praxis is fast and easy to get started. The Knowledge Exchanger in Pv5 allows you to benefit from the knowledge of expert physicians, enabling rapid start-up for new users and enhanced charting for long-time users. Knowledge databases in all specialties of medicine are at every Praxis user's fingertips. No other system makes charting this fast and easy.
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  The most exciting feature of Praxis EMR v5 is Praxis EMR's Datum Engine. Praxis Datum revolutionizes the way that discrete data is reported from EMRs. Datum allows you to use free text written in any language to seamlessly create, store, and share any clinical data. With Praxis you have the best of both worlds: the power of discrete data coupled with the freedom of free text.
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Specialty Case Studies
  Otolaryngology case study   Better Medicine
"Praxis means better care for the patients, in a cost- and time- efficient manner; it means better medicine for everyone, patient and doctor alike."

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  Podiatry case study   Organized and Efficent
"Praxis means I can be home for dinner and sleep better knowing my documentation is complete, comprehensive and precise."

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  OB-GYN case study   Higher Reimbursement
"Praxis paid for itself in less than a year, and has now paid for itself over and over again!.... It makes my patient visits faster and helps reduce my liability."

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  Endocrinology case study   Time-Saving Abilities
"Praxis has made my life easier and my practice more efficient with less clinical errors and higher reimbursement."

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  Praxis EMR: An Award-Winning Solution
AAFP EHR User Satisfaction Survey 2012 Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award 20111 Drummond Certified Complete EHR Ambulatory 2011-2012 HIMSS Davies Award 2012

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Rated #1 by Physicians

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