Endocrinology Case Study

Endocrinology Case Study

Decision for EMR

One major influence in my decision for implementing an EMR was my desire to increase efficiency in the medical care of my patients. This entails better record keeping with less room for errors and faster access to patient data, all resulting in more face time for my patients.

Decision for Praxis

After talking with colleagues, going to trade shows, searching the Internet, and even seeing fellow doctors’ systems in use, Praxis really stood out for me because it was the only EMR that allowed me to use my own words and thoughts rather than copy and paste from a rigid database. Although the template-based system seemed easier to use at first, it proved to be increasingly difficult to make additions and changes to the pre-set lists. I knew that would definitely be frustrating for me. I chose Praxis for its ability to create new cases quickly, accurately and with my own words. The more I use it, the better the software adjusts to my thinking. Initially, the software lacked medical data because it needed to learn it from me, but once I started adding cases I saw the efficiency and speed of the system.

Dr. Martinez’s thoughts on the advantages of Praxis

Work Flow

Praxis has made a big difference in my practice, especially in scheduling patients. The scheduler is an extension of Praxis’ Concept Processor; it learns from my scheduling history to automatically schedule my patients as needed.

Time-Saving Abilities

Although my staff and I are still working full days, our time is being allocated very differently since we incorporated Praxis. My back office nurse is especially a fan of Praxis because she used to dedicate 1/5 of her work week to filing alone and now that the time is freed up, she is able to attend to more pressing matters. Also, Praxis has been a great aid when prescribing medications. For refills, my staff and I waste less time on the phone with pharmacies. Writing a progress note is also very quick and accurate since the editing that is necessary decreases the more I use the software.

Seamless Billing Interface

Praxis facilitates the billing and codes appropriately according to the level of care. Less room for error means better reimbursement for me as there is much less insurance denial and a faster turnaround in payments.

Guaranteed Communication

Due to Praxis’ agent notes, communication is much more fluid and efficient between the staff of my practice. They are able to see notes as soon as they open the program, and can immediately take the appropriate action. As a result, I feel there is more order in the office and less shuffling around. Now I don’t have staff chasing me down the hall or in and out of rooms to get a message to me.

Praxis is an Investment

It has taken me less than a year to recover my investment. Actually, the return of investment has been 80% or better. I have saved $800 per month in transcription fees. In addition, I have saved a good sum due to less needed storage space as I no longer rely heavily on paper. I also consider it a huge investment that my staff makes much better use of their time. Due to Praxis, my expenses have ultimately decreased by 15%.

Practicing Better Medicine

One of the most exciting and important benefits of using Praxis for me is that I am consistently practicing better medicine. With its constant and pertinent prompts and reminders, Praxis continually compensates for the human tendency to err. To illustrate, take a common case such as a thyroid nodule. Praxis reminds me to do a fine needed aspiration, ultrasound, etc. I am assured that my bases are always covered. Another feature that has become indispensable to me is the highlighting and de-highlighting feature which I can use to instantly classify a case, such as Graves disease, as mild, moderated, or of severe intensity.

Although it takes more time and attention to fill out a rare case, I have never felt that time was wasted. Because with each case that I enter, the less rare any case gets. That means the next time I have a similar case, my job is already nearly done. If I come across a rare assessment such as Thyroiditis, Praxis tells me to do thyroid antibodies, TSH, T3, and T4. By pulling up my own careful directions, Praxis is simultaneously learning from me and assuring that I cover all of my necessary bases.

Dr. Martinez’s final thoughts on Praxis EMR

Praxis has made my life easier and my practice more efficient with less clinical errors and higher reimbursement. It is a powerful software; its template-based system is truly one-of-a-kind, and with the knowledge exchange addition, it will be even better.

Praxis Electronic Medical Records (EMR) - Endocrinology Case Study

Physician Profile

Ivan Martinez, M.D.


Ivan Martinez, MD

500 S Anaheim Hills RD Ste 200, Anaheim, CA 92807

Dr. Martinez has been a practicing physician in Anaheim, California since 1977. He trained in Albany, New York, and did his subspecialty at the Long Beach VA Hospital/UCI, Irvine. Dr. Martinez has been an avid fan of Praxis for the last 10 years.


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