HIMSS 2013 Annual Conference & Exhibition

EHRtv's Dr. Eric Fishman interviews Praxis EMR's CEO and Founder Dr. Richard Low at HIMSS13

Praxis is dramatically different. Watch and see how:

A Praxis EMR physician user won the 2012 HIMSS Davies Award using Concept Processing technology, a unique technology that charts at the speed of your mind. This incredibly informative interview shows exactly how it works, with examples from Praxis clients.

The interview covers:

  • The birth of Concept Processing: Concept processing was developed to save doctors time - by eliminating 2.5 hours of charting per day!
  • How Praxis EMR works: Praxis is a reflection of your mind, meaning that you practice and chart how you think.
  • Why templates don't work: Templates restrict doctors, waste time, and expose users to legal risk.
  • How Praxis is different: Praxis is template-free, making it unlike any other EHR.
  • How Concept Processing leads to better medicine: Concept Processing doesn't just save time; it prompts and reminds doctors to provide the highest quality care, every time.
  • Future implications for the EHR industry: where EHR is headed and how Praxis is breaking new ground.
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Practice Medicine the way it was meant to be.

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