Medical Research

Praxis introduces the most powerful query engine and dataminer in medicine.

With Praxis EMR, the physician has the ability to create any query desired, as Praxis operates free of the constraints of templates. This flexibility makes Praxis perfect for any clinical study, including drug trials and sophisticated multi-center clinical investigations. It also makes it very easy for a provider to comply with all reporting requirements, including all of the clinical quality measures required under Meaningful Use and MACRA without burdening the busy practitioner.

Additionally, queries created in Praxis can be exported and shared with others, allowing clinics and third parties to develop specialized queries for others to use. The ability to create any practice guideline on the fly and to query any kind of clinical information will revolutionize medical studies, allowing researchers to easily create their own queries and gather data prospectively as well as retrospectively.

The Query Builder feature in Praxis allows a doctor to develop queries based on the values and parameters of one's own choosing without requiring programmers or technicians. One can map queries by linking data tables or write queries by using Standard Query Language, an easily accessible computer language.

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Linking patient and encounter information to find which patients present with certain criteria. You can query for any type of criteria you wish to measure.

Once a given query is created, it can then be executed by anyone in the clinic using the DataMiner. Simply click on the query and the DataMiner takes over, instantly retrieving the reports needed.

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PQRI Queries. Just about anyone with medical knowledge and a modicum of SQL language experience can create any query desired. These results can then be used by anyone in the clinic to instantly comply with Medicare requirements. The query engine can retrieve very complex information to improve a medical practice and to generate prospective and retrospective statistical data for medical research. Praxis v5 contains the most powerful practice guideline and query engine in medicine.

The DataMiner is able to execute any query conceivable. Reports can then be exported into a variety of formats, including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, HTML, and XML as required by Meaningful Use. The DataMiner automatically reports the denominators, numerators, and exclusions, and automatically calculates the resulting percentages for Meaningful Use purposes.

The data generated by Praxis is superior to data generated by template-based systems because the source of the data is real and not the product of a busy practitioner entering data into multiple pick-lists while seeing many complex cases in a short time span.


Practice Medicine the way it was meant to be.

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