Praxis: Practice Medicine the Way
it was Meant to Be

The Best EHR for the independent physician.

Practice Your Way

Do what you love

We became doctors to treat patients not click on templates. So, it's not surprising that 46% of physicians reported physician burnout (read study). Using Praxis makes charting easier, so that you can spend your time doing what you love.

Spend less time charting

For every hour you spend seeing a patient, on average you spend two hours charting (read study). Most Praxis users spend less than an hour a day. You'll spend less time charting and more time providing excellent care to your patients.

Patient Centered Care

The more you use Praxis the smarter and faster it gets. Praxis learns how you practice, and makes recommendations for how to treat your patients based on the outcomes and treatments of your previous cases.

How It Works

Concept Processing

With Praxis, you get the freedom to chart in your own words with your own style.

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Praxis Agents

Praxis Agents are smart messengers that communicate on your behalf. Agents appear when you need them and know where to go and what to do.

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Practice Advisories

Practice Advisories provide just-in-time medical advice, decision support, even entire treatment protocols, at the point of care.

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Knowledge Exchanger

The Praxis Knowledge Exchanger enables you to use the knowledge of your colleagues and share knowledge with your peers.

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Datum+ makes reporting easy and natural. Instead of adding useless text to templates, Praxis embedds discrete data inside your own text.

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Patient Portal

The Concept Processor inside Praxis automatically customizes health maintenance at the portal given each patient's condition.

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