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Clinical Practice Advisories provide medical advice, even entire treatment protocols, at the point of care. They work like Agents, triggered when a patient meets certain criteria determined by the Medical Officer of the practice.
Clinical Practice Advisories may be triggered by demographic information (such as age, race, gender, employer, insurance plan, etc.), ICD10 diagnoses, CPT treatments, laboratory values, prescribed medications, vital signs, and any other clinical parameter, including calculations based on Datum elements (i.e., women with a Body Mass Index greater than a certain value).

Clinical Practice Advisories

The Clinical Practice Advisory shown here is set to trigger whenever a doctor sees a patient between the ages of 18 and 75 with an ICD10 diagnosis of diabetes.

Like Agents, Clinical Practice Advisories are also directed to specific members or groups of members on the staff (i.e., all assistants, all providers, all cardiologists, etc.).

Additionally, a recommendation may make its reappearance at the point of care with a given frequency (i.e., "Repeat dilated eye exam once a year").

Further, Clinical Practice Advisories can be written as fait-accompli statements (i.e., "I have referred the patient for her yearly Ophthalmology Dilated Eye exam for diabetes"). In this way, all the provider needs to do at the point of care is click on the Advisory and the doctor has just complied and documented the action all at the same time!

This is particularly useful for Meaningful Use compliance. By writing Clinical Practice Advisories as fait-accompli statements (for example, "Did you advise patient to quit smoking?" becomes "I advised patient to quit smoking."), one records the data for the purposes of Meaningful Use reporting while also ensuring that the score will be 100%! With Praxis, Meaningful Use reporting does not become a burden, but rather a helpful aid at the point of care.

Using Clinical Practice Advisories improves the quality of medicine delivered to patients.

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