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There is a fundamental difference between software designed for doctors (EMR/EHR) and software designed for medical billing (PM). No single company can offer excellence in each of these diverse and constantly evolving fields. Most EHR companies today are actually billing companies in disguise that are selling templates. Templates will hurt your quality medicine.

This is why Praxis has focused exclusively on developing Praxis EMR and integrating seamlessly to the billing of your choice. In fact, product specialization over two decades is what has made Praxis EMR so good. It would be straight-forward for Praxis to also offer "Praxis EMR Billing", and make additional revenues selling "integration". However, "integration" from a single company short changes you.

Instead of forcing you into a billing solution, Praxis EMR integrates with the best medical billing systems in the country. With Praxis you get billing integration without sacrificing the quality that only a specialist can deliver. Your clinic deserves the best of both worlds: billing-PM integration with EMR specialization.

Praxis Billing Integration

Praxis EMR connects seamlessly with the industry's best billing partners.

With an Praxis EMR billing interface, you get:

  • One single 800 number for customer support, which you expect.
  • Integration together with specialization, which you deserve.
  • Increased Revenues only specialist billing offers.
  • The flexibility to trade-up or change your integrated billing as you grow.
  • Praxis EMR, the only Template-Free EMR, and the #1 rated EMR in the country.

Important: If your clinic's billing system works well for you, there is absolutely no reason to change it. Why go through the headache of selecting, implementing, and adapting to a new billing service all over again? And, why put your bottom line at risk?

With Praxis EMR, you won't have to.

The Myths and Mistruths of EMR/Billing Package Deals

Vendors of bundled EMR/billing software make false claims in order to sell their package deals that make them more money at your expense. We would like to take a moment to debunk these mistruths.

Be careful. The vendor is trying to sell you a substandard product that you would never even consider on its own merits. If you don't believe this sort of thing actually happens, take a look at this post in EMR Update: "This post is a warning about how IT companies with an established customer base can tack some code onto its existing accounting software, and call it an EMR, get it certified, and sell it to EMR naive hospital administrators who want to deal with only 1 vendor. Without a paper chart, or some other way to record patient information gathered outside of an office visit, I find this EMR to be unsafe for doctors and patients, and grossly inefficient at documenting patient care."

Now imagine the inverse situation: An EMR company that is focused on the needs of a doctor cobbling together a billing solution. Do you really think that such a solution could meet the needs of a medical billing specialist? Further, the federal government's Meaningful Use program has mandated the use of HL7 standards, which enables interoperability between all EMR and billing systems. Insist on Praxis Billing Integration and see how quickly vendors drop this argument to salvage at least part of their sale. And, Praxis coordinates all updates with your billing and labs so you receive tightly integrated upgrades.

Bottom Line: You deserve the best EMR for your practice needs, integrated with a billing system that makes you the most money. Praxis EMR is the only EMR that offers you this flexibility. Do not be fooled by "integrated" marketing. Integrated EHR-PM products do not improve your Medical Quality, enable Better Documentation or lead to Higher Profitability in your medical practice. Only Praxis EMR enables these key benefits.

Please contact us for an expert billing consultation.

Praxis Billing Integration

As part of the Praxis EMR guarantee, we promise all Praxis clients that we will never offer billing services and put EMR clinical quality at risk. No one company can offer you excellence in both fields. Our resources will always remain dedicated to the research and development of the best Electronic Medical Record in the world.

The integration of specialized software is again becoming the industry standard. For an excellent article on the subject, see the Jul/Aug 2009 issue of Family Practice Management, the monthly newsletter of the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Vertically integrated, top-tier companies such as Allscripts, GE Centricity and NextGen would like to continue to sell comprehensive EHRs to their best customers, who will pay their highest prices at maximum profit margins, often greater than 50 percent. But they are struggling to add value fast enough and at a price individual practices can afford. The proof is seen in examples throughout the Nutting Report and in countless practices across the country as users try to get vertically integrated vendors to respond quickly to their functionality needs but find the workarounds and awkward installations maddeningly frustrating."

Family Practice Management, Jul/Aug 2009, p. 9.

If your preferred biller is not on the list or if you need assistance selecting a billing partner, please contact us for an expert consultation.

Integrated Billing Partners

Praxis Electronic Medical Records (EMR) - Ace Medical Billers, LLC

Ace Medical Billers, LLC

All Specialties Accepted
Medical billing isn't just about paperwork. It's about YOU the provider, your staff, and your patients. It is about getting you paid, quicker and more efficiently.
That's why we work with you, and for you, to customize a medical claims processing solution that fits your practice and your mission.

Praxis Electronic Medical Records (EMR) - Advanced Billing & Consulting Services

Advanced Billing & Consulting Services

Advanced Billing & Consulting Services (ABCS) provides professional and friendly revenue cycle management services for healthcare practitioners. From medical billing, insurance credentialing and digital marketing options; our clinician-centered approach helps practices streamline and optimize their back office requirements. Experience our skilled RCM solutions today! Call us at 614-890-9822.

Praxis Electronic Medical Records (EMR) - Advo Care Medical Software

AdvoCare Medical Software

AdvoCare Medical is a leading national provider of healthcare information management systems. Based in Rochester, Michigan, AdvoCare Medical currently supports hundreds of users. We're dedicated to providing the most complete, cost-effective turnkey management solutions today. Our suite of software products and services automates administrative, financial, clinical and management functions for physicians, durable medical equipment companies, and other provider organizations.
With the addition of new and enhanced web-based products, which increases our customer's access to information, and their ability to communicate with satellite offices, or work-at-home employees.
The rapid changes taking place in healthcare today creates a need for specialized services within the broad management function of healthcare entities. As these changes occur, the combination of technology and practice management is critical to ensure profitable, efficient and effective healthcare delivery.
AdvoCare Medical is strongly committed to providing the highest level of system implementation, support and on-going development of practice management systems. The development staff consists of highly qualified software engineers with broad programming experience. Our service and support team includes our highly experienced system analysts, hardware technicians, training and consultation personnel - all qualified medical specialists with extensive medical practice knowledge.
Simply stated, we believe that quick and courteous support is the foundation of our success. The dynamics of our marketplace dictate that our programs stay in a state of constant evolution. And in the same manner that our clients rely on AdvoCare Medical for professional service and support, we in turn rely heavily on the individual and combined needs of our clientele base to shape the future direction of our products.

Praxis Electronic Medical Records (EMR) - Ahlers & Associates

Ahlers & Associates

Richard Ahler, CEO
Phone: 254-756-1836 x133
Gary Garcia, Systems Marketing and Implementations

Ahlers is specialized in meeting the unique data collection/analysis, reporting and billing needs of non-profit healthcare clinics. We know and care about Public Health while making your goal of seamless clinic operations ours. Lean on us! Others have for over 30 years.

Praxis EMR - Integrated Billing Partners Athena Health

Athena Health

At athenahealth, our comprehensive practice automation and claims management services are designed to check eligibility, speed claim processing, and shorten revenue cycles. By combining the power of cutting edge technology with the knowledge of experienced professionals, athenahealth dramatically improves the cash flow and manageability of medical offices.

Praxis EMR - Integrated Billing Partners Brickell Research

Brickell Research (Plastic Surgery Experts)

Founded in 1991, Brickell Research pioneered Microsoft Windows-based practice managment software. Over the twenty years since, we have been a leading provider of innovative, efficiency-focused, and superbly-supported healthcare IT solutions for practice management, billing, scheduling, and clinical recordkeeping.

More than software, the company pioneered an approach to selling and servicing solutions that is unparalleled in its forthrightness and customer-friendliness. One prominent industry consultant once said that it's easier to be our customer than it is to become our customer. We feel that is as it should be. As many providers have learned the hard way, most vendors are far quicker to accept an order than they are to educate customers, learn about their needs, and take care of them in the long-term. For twenty years, our goal has been to put the financial and operational health of providers first. We look forward to continuing to expand the ways we can bring practices value and efficiency in the decades to come.

Peter P. Legorburu
Tel: 305.774.0081
Fax: 305.774.0023

Praxis EMR - Integrated Billing Partners Cerner Cerner

Cerner is transforming healthcare by eliminating error, variance and waste for healthcare providers and consumers around the world. Cerner solutions optimize processes for healthcare organizations ranging from single-doctor practices to entire countries, for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, and for the field of healthcare as a whole. Our solutions are licensed by more than 8,500 facilities worldwide.
Praxis EMR - Clinix Medical Information Services Clinix Medical Information Services

Clinix Medical Information Services is a Nashville, Tenn.-based medical software development company that processes more than $2 billion in healthcare provider charges each year. Its automated and customizable practice management software simplifies administrative work flow and boosts cash flow for physician practices and revenue cycle management companies across the country. Offering a winning combination of cutting-edge technology and industry-leading U.S.-based customer service, Clinix has earned its reputation as reliable, revenue-boosting practice management solution backed by knowledgeable people who understand your business.
Learn more: or 866.254.6496, ext. 102.
Praxis EMR - Integrated Billing Partners CollaborateMD CollaborateMD

Since 1999, CollaborateMD's cloud-based healthcare solution has been a disruptive factor in how medical businesses manage their medical practice and medical billing. CollaborateMD's 100% Java solution, with its simplicity, no contracts and affordable monthly fees, allows 5,000 active medical providers to see a true return on investment. CollaborateMD customers enjoy fast implementation, exceptional and unlimited support and most importantly, increased office efficiency and reduced accounts-receivable. For more information, visit or call 888.348.8457.
Praxis EMR - Integrated Billing Partners Antek DAQbilling

Antek HealthWare is pleased to offer you DAQbilling, our award-winning medical billing/practice management system. DAQbilling is designed for Private/Group Practices and Billing Services to ease the tedious process of medical billing.

  • Reduce time spent on billing chores by up to 30%
  • Increase productivity by eliminating paper claims and statements
  • Enhance efficiency with an easy-to-learn user interface
  • Reduce expenses with low acquisition costs

We invite you to join the over 40,000 physicians enjoying Antek software today.

Praxis EMR - Integrated Billing Partners G.E./Centricity G.E./Centricity (Millbrook)

GE Medical Systems Information Technologies Centricity™ Solutions are a part of GE's integrated approach to optimizing workflow throughout the healthcare enterprise. Our suite of radiology, cardiology, and clinical information solutions is a complete package of workflow automation, clinical documentation, decision support, and quality assurance tools. Uniting the best-of-class software in both electronic medical records and practice management, Centricity® Physician Office integrates clinical and financial data to reduce your expenses and improve patient care.
Praxis EMR - Integrated Billing Partners Genius Solutions Genius Solutions

Genius Solutions’ Inc. premiere practice management and medical billing software, eTHOMAS, automates office management functions such as medical billing, appointment scheduling, patient correspondence, and financial and statistical analysis. Implementing our healthcare practice management software will give you the tools to manage your practice and keep your practice from managing you.
Praxis EMR - Integrated Billing Partners Healthwind Healthwind

Healthwind has provided powerful yet affordable practice management solutions to thousands of practitioners in the Northwest since 1985. The Healthwind Practice Management System is not just a manual and a CD – it is a complete package of the latest hardware, HIPAA-enabled software and comprehensive hotline support for medical offices and billing services. Software features include patient information, accounts receivable, collections, appointment scheduling, electronic claims and detailed reporting. Designed by an experienced team of specialists who have a deep understanding of clinical workflow and government requirements, with the best product support in the industry, it is a system you will look forward to using.


Praxis Electronic Medical Records (EMR) - Kareo (TEBRA) billing software

Kareo (TEBRA) billing software

With Kareo Billing, there's no better software to support your in-house billing process. Our web and mobile applications help your practice easily manage patients and the complications that come with billing insurance.

Praxis EMR - Integrated Billing Partners Lytec


The complete Practice Management Solution. Since 1989, NDCLytec has helped thousands of healthcare professionals efficiently operate their practices. NDCLytec’s perfect combination of proven software and personal service makes it easy for physicians to improve the profitability of their practices — at a price they can afford.

Praxis EMR - Integrated Billing Partners M/D Systems Inc

M/D Systems Inc.

M/D Systems has served the medical profession since 1968 with our Practice Management Software, computer systems and unparalleled service and training. We have provided our services to 1000's of physicians over the past 50 years. M/D Systems concentrates on the financial side of the physicians' office offering software for you to do your own billing or having our expert billing department manage your account receivable. While other companies have come and gone, we've been here for our clients, and you can count on us to be here for you.

Praxis EMR - Integrated Billing Partners MDeverywhere


MDeverywhere offers the industry's leading revenue cycle management solution for physicians. MDeverywhere's mission is simple - to increase your revenue 5% to 15%. To accomplish this, we have put together a unique integrated solution that combines automation tools, expert systems, and best-in-class services. MDeverywhere decreases denials by 90%, enforces payer contracts, increases practice volume, and helps physicians earn Medicare's PQRI and E-Prescribing Bonus. MDeverywhere is confident that practice revenue will increase by using our knowledge-driven systems and services. We also make it easy for a practice to become a client. With MDeverywhere, there is no contract, upfront software license fees or fees for training and implementation. The practice simply signs a one page fee agreement that can be canceled at any time. MDeverywhere gets paid a percentage of collection.

Praxis EMR - Integrated Billing Partners Medical Billing Associates

Medical Billing Associates

Medical Billing Associates provides a comprehensive and powerful practice management service. We help you build a more profitable practice by increasing collections, accelerating payments, and reducing overhead.

Praxis EMR - Integrated Billing Partners Medisoft


Medisoft's software is designed for medical offices; dentists; and medical billing services. Whether you are interested in starting your own home based medical billing service or manage a private practice, this medical software gives you the flexibility to easily send electronic or paper claims from your personal computer. Already integrated within this medical software is electronic claims software to transmit claims through a clearinghouse.

Praxis EMR - Integrated Billing Partners MedTrio


MedTrio, Inc. was formed at the request of the OB/GYN Services Network (OSN); a group of seasoned professional medical administrators dedicated to the continuous management improvement of Obstetrics and Gynecological group practices.

Praxis EMR - Integrated Billing Partners MedWare


MedWare is nationally recognized for revolutionizing medical office management. MedWare Practice Management Systems is a comprehensive accounts receivable software package for tracking and managing patient care. Their integrated scheduling, electronic claim submission, eligibility checking, and chart modules allow you to build a strong foundation of information.

Praxis EMR - Integrated Billing Partners Micro MD Micro MD

MicroMD is one of the most complete practice management systems available at an extremely competitive price. When integrated, Praxis EMR / MicroMD make a sophisticated, yet cost effective choice to support your entire medical practice needs. With a Praxis EMR / MicroMD Solution, your return on investment (ROI) is less than 18 months (i.e. the duration in which cost savings equal your initial investment) as a result of reduced cost of operation, improved doctor productivity and increases profitability.
Praxis EMR - Integrated Billing Partners Misys Misys

Misys Healthcare Systems, a member of the Misys Group of Companies, develops and supports reliable, easy-to-use software and services of exceptional quality that enable physicians and caregivers to more easily manage the complexities of healthcare. Misys provides a variety of products that serve healthcare organizations of all sizes, including departmental systems, practice management systems and EDI connectivity.
Praxis EMR - Integrated Billing Partners MOMS-AT


Founded in 1987 by Gerald Furst, DataTel Solutions, Inc. has been providing quality Medical Office software products for over 20 years.

DataTel's flagship product is known as MOMS or Medical Office Management System. The first generation began as MOMS 1.0 for DOS/Unix and was grandfathered at version 1.9 in 2005. The Advanced Technology (MOMS AT) was first released in 2003. The versatile Practice Management Software is designed to accommodate a range of medical service providers from solo practitioners, multi-doctor/facility/specialty practices, and billing services. The goal is to provide quality software at a reasonable price.

The next generation of the MOMS product line will feature advanced EHR functionality in a tightly integrated package. The focus of the product is to provide electronic chart documentation functions with efficient claims management technology. Rather than turn the existing MOMS AT Practice Management into an EHR product, DataTel has chosen to implement a completely new design based on lessons learned from the existing MOMS AT Practice Management software. The result is an EHR and Practice Management product that not only assists physicians in meeting regulatory guidelines, but also helps to maximize reimbursement for services rendered.

Praxis EMR - Integrated Billing Partners MTBC


MTBC is a healthcare information technology solution provider that offers to physician practices a comprehensive product portfolio of fully integrated web-based EHR, revenue cycle and practice management solutions and other related business services including transcription and data management.
Our entire product portfolio - along with native mobile applications - functions as a cohesive, single-database platform to help healthcare providers reduce practice-wide silos, improve their financial performance and ultimately transform their medical practice into a successful business enterprise.

Praxis EMR - Integrated Billing Partners Net Practice

Net Practice (by Mars Medical Systems)

NetPractice practice management software by MARS Medical Systems leads the industry with the most powerful suite of practice management tools available. From workflow management, scheduling, billing, collections, claim scrubbing, document management, reports, automated eligibility and appointment reminders to seamless integration with any EMR system, NetPractice is the ultimate profitability tool for the physician office.

Praxis EMR - Integrated Billing Partners OpenPM OpenPM by Open Practice

Our web-based OpenPM software provides a single-source for your Billing & Practice Management needs by tightly integrating the practice management, clearinghouse, and patient collection functions. The result is maximum control over your A/R, resulting in shorted A/R cycles and increased cash flow. Open Practice provides great software with amazing support, and all for a very affordable monthly subscription.
Praxis EMR - Integrated Billing Partners PCN PCN

Medical Manager PCN, Inc. (MMPCN) is one of the nation's largest providers of information technology for a wide variety of physician organizations. Through the use of this advanced technology, Medical Manager PCN, Inc. can help healthcare businesses improve their practice and profitability.
Praxis EMR - Integrated Billing Partners Per Se

Per Se

Per-Se helps practices like yours address the complex issues that affect reimbursement and cash flow. Our specialty-specific services, backed by certified nationwide resources, help physicians cost-effectively optimize and accelerate collections, increase the revenue opportunities that are so critical in a declining reimbursement environment and proactively manage compliance risks. With our expertise, proven technology and “best practices” processes, we'll make sure that your income is optimized.
Per-Se also offers billing and accounts receivable services.

Praxis EMR - Integrated Billing Partners Perfect Care Perfect Care

Perfect Care for Windows meets the demands of today's modern personal computers with a 32-bit Windows-based medical billing and electronic medical records solutions. If your advanced health facility and or medical billing services require the power of a client/server medical management system, with the scalability of an SQL database Perfect Care for Windows is the choice solution.
Praxis EMR - Integrated Billing Partners Physician Revenue Management Services

Physician Revenue Management Services

Physician Revenue Management has provided superior physician results since 2003. With a proven, reliable process for the complete revenue cycle, PRMS services clients with a personal touch. PRMS was built from a hospital system physician owned practice. We know the foundation of a stable practice rests on drawing predictable, Consistent revenue from large fragmented mix of payers.

Praxis EMR - Integrated Billing Partners PRM Billing Inc.

PRM Billing Inc.

  • Electronic billing
  • Compliance program
  • Bring rejection rate to under 2%
  • Posting of payments
  • Claims follow-up
  • Patient statements
  • 24-hour access to custom reports

Praxis EMR - Integrated Billing Partners Provision


Provision's Electronic Suite has it all, allowing you to:

  • Scan insurance cards and driver licenses with automatic image and data extraction
  • Access real-time and batch eligibility
  • Perform all EDI transactions and electronic payment postings
  • Schedule with statistical reporting
  • Benefit from automated appointment, patient recall and statement past due calls to patients.

Provision Enterprise handles multiple tax ids and provides centralized control of a network of practices. Provision PMS is a time-proven product, flexible enough for either a sole practitioner or large group practices. You choose your application to be server-based, or "in the cloud." With our vast Reporting Suite, you will have your finger on the pulse of your practice, at all times.

Praxis EMR - Integrated Billing Partners Raintree Raintree

Raintree Billing Manager: Maximum flexibility with centralized or de-centralized billing models and personalized paper or electronic billing. Expedited reimbursement with automated, accurate and timely statement mailings and claims processing. Higher collection ratios with the ability to facilitate rebilling, ledger notes, follow-ups and single claims more directly from the Onscreen Collections Worksheet. Efficient collection tracking with automatic accounts receivable balancing, easy-to-reference worksheets listing payer sources, patients covered, amounts owed and aging breakdowns using estimated or contracts-based collection amounts.
Praxis EMR - Integrated Billing Partners SoftAid SoftAid

The Medical Office: Enterprise Edition provides a powerful practice management system for healthcare providers of any size. The system includes all of the features and functionality you require at an affordable price. The Enterprise Edition includes numerous customizable options, a versatile infrastructure, and multi-level security for the safety of your critical data.
Praxis EMR - Integrated Billing Partners TotalMD TotalMD

TotalMD provides billing software that is revolutionizing the medical practice management software market.
Located in Mesa, Arizona, TotalMD has experienced amazing growth in terms of employees and financial success. Our original creative team, as well as many new talented members, continues to help TotalMD produce incredibly refreshing new medical software products and services.
Praxis EMR - Integrated Billing Partners YMS YMS

Thousands of physicians have trusted YMS applications and essential services to keep their billings maximized and well managed for over 30 Years. YMS offers all the basics like billing submittal and reconciliation, but also goes beyond these ground root services offering partial billing, reconciliation only packages for those billing through their EMR, holiday billing coverage, administrative auditing, and practice cost consultation. Contact YMS at or visit us online at


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