Best Quality Documentation

Using the fastest Electronic Medical Record available will not help you if it doesn't produce the best quality documentation in the industry. With Praxis, the quality of your notes and documentation is unparalleled. In contrast, templates-based EMRs lower the quality of your documentation because they 'clone' notes and force you to choose between rigid and often irrelevant template data fields. As you struggle to adapt them to your practice, templates become progressively cumbersome and slow you down.

With Praxis EMR you get the best documentation in healthcare today and enjoy the many benefits that go hand-in-hand with great charting.

Best Legal Protection

Great documentation is vital to your defense as a provider against a malpractice claim. However, it is not only critical to record what you did, but also to show the logical progression of thought that lead to your diagnosis or the course of action you chose. If there were any one reason to use Praxis EMR every day in your practice, the industry leading legal protection it provides you would be it!

"Praxis requires the physician to record his thinking process, and to refine the logic with each new patient. By focusing on the difference between patients, the record necessarily reflects why one given diagnosis or therapy was chosen over another. This in turn allows the defense attorney to use the record to assert the uniqueness of the patient, and why a particular therapy was chosen for this patient. Since a physician is not held to be a guarantor of a cure or a good result, but instead must choose an acceptable treatment based on the information available to the physician at the time the choice was made, clear documentation of what was known is usually an adequate defense."

There is another related problem that is latent in every template-driven program that is not present in Praxis. The templates in other systems are subject to discovery and may be used against the defending physician. However, since Praxis is based on the examination of previous patients, these records are not subject to discovery since they are protected by physician-patient confidentiality.

Therefore, it is the flexibility and theory behind Praxis EMR that provide the best legal protection for the practicing physician.

Avoid Medicare Denials

Medicare denials due to template documentation are nothing new. Third-party payers frown upon on standardized charts created by template-based EMRs. Template EMRs, by design, create cookie-cutter style charts full of computerized verbiage. A physician or clinic found to be producing cloned records, such as identical records for multiple patients or worse, identical records from multiple practices, may face claim denials, 'recoupment for overpayment,' and insurance lawsuits. Further, the lack of precision in templates places physicians at the constant risk of illegally up-coding Medicare documentation.

Bottom Line: Praxis EMR creates an individualized, personalized, organic record for every patient. This is because Praxis EMR is template-free. No template based EMR does this.

Less Personal Stress

Praxis EMR works with the mind of the physician, helping the doctor every step of the way. Praxis reminds you at the point of care of how you treated patients with similar conditions in the past, so that you may ask the present patient the same questions and give them the same advice. What is more, if something new pops into your mind, you simply document it this time, and it will be there as a reminder for all subsequent encounters. With Praxis, doctors have more time to spend with patients and need not spend time after-hours finalizing charts. Doctors also won't wake up in the middle of the night, suddenly realizing they forgot to tell a patient something important. Praxis will give you peace of mind.

Make More Money

Practicing the highest quality medicine while producing the best quality documentation in the industry has solid financial benefits for your clinic. Although, they may make claims to the contrary, no template-based EMR can do this. Most Praxis EMR customers see increases in revenues of 10% - 15%, with a few Praxis EMR clients reporting bonuses of $120,000 to $150,000, solely related to using Praxis EMR on a daily basis. This is because the increase in medical quality from using Praxis directly improves productivity and the practice's bottom line.

Best Quality Documentation.

Praxis is the only EMR that progressively and consistently improves your documentation, ensuring you give each patient your best level of care. And as you use Praxis, the Praxis template-free design automatically allows personalized medical charting with mission critical accuracy.


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