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Praxis EMR ranks #1 in medical quality. No other EHR comes close. This is because Praxis EMR has no templates that hurt your practice of medicine. Instead, Praxis enables you to practice medicine in your own way, the best way you know how.

Praxis EMR reduces medical error:

AAFP EHR User Satisfaction Survey 2012

Source: Latest EHR User Satisfaction Survey from the American Academy of Family Physicians Journal (100,000+ members)
Family Practice Management | | November/December 2012

Praxis EMR enables higher quality medicine:

AAFP 2009 User Satisfaction With EHRs Survey

Source: User Satisfaction Survey from the American Academy of Family Physicians Journal (100,000+ members)
Family Practice Management | | November/December 2009

#1 Rated EMR in Medical Quality

Your EMR should help you be at your best. With Praxis, you progressively refine your approach to medicine. Ask a patient a key question once and Praxis reminds you to ask that question every time you see a similar case. This means you deliver high quality medicine to all patients, no matter how many hours you've worked, or how many patients you've seen that day. Praxis EMR perfects habits, improving the quality of medicine you practice and helping you become a better doctor.

Quality Reporting and Meaningful Use

As Praxis EMR's Concept Processing technology learns your charting, it also automates Meaningful Use. And, just as there are no templates in Praxis to slow you down, there is no need for Meaningful Use dashboards. With Praxis, you can score 100% (or close) on Meaningful Use Quality Measures every time, without distracting dashboards. This is because Praxis automatically ensures Meaningful Use compliance during the patient encounter. No template EMR can do this.

Powerful Practice Guidelines & Queries

Praxis EMR enables the most powerful prospective queries in medicine. Templates only let you query what the software developer loads into your system: if the query isn't there, you are lost. In contrast, Praxis EMR allows you to query and report any quality or clinical parameter. Instead of adding useless free text to template fields, Praxis encapsulates discrete data inside your free text. This makes reporting limitless: you create data fields on the fly and Praxis intelligently uses these elements as you chart. Praxis EMR's quality reporting is currently being studied by medical schools and clinical research centers as a way to gather sophisticated clinical data.

Praxis enables Medical Quality

Better Quality Documentation

Praxis is the only EMR that progressively and consistently improves your documentation, ensuring you give each patient your best level of care.

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Medical Quality and
your Bottom Line

Improved Medical Quality and better documentation leads to increased physician reimbursement.

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The Three R's of
Medical Quality

Doctor Clayton Reynolds discusses his concept of the three R's as an answer to the P4P approach being brought forward by insurance companies.

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