Medical Quality And Your Bottom Line

How Praxis EMR Works

How does Praxis do it?

Easy. It doesn't use templates. With its Concept Processing technology, Praxis finds where you've treated a similar case in the past and brings it forward for the patient at hand. This eliminates errors, perfects your approach and insures that you give each patient the same high quality care. Your improved medical quality coupled with better documentation and coding translate into more money. Using Praxis EMR increases physician reimbursement. In contrast, using template EHRs lowers reimbursements. Please join us for a live Praxis EMR Demo and learn more.

Billing and EHR Specialization

To maximize revenues, Praxis connects with virtually all billing software and services to streamline your billing process. This enables you to choose the best billing for your needs. No matter what "integrated" vendors may claim, billing and medicine are highly diverse professions. This is critical to your practice. No single company can be excellent in both fields. Praxis connects seamlessly with your billing and shares all patient demographics and coding information. After each encounter, Praxis EMR optimizes your routing slip enabling the highest legal reimbursement. You simply need to see how it works. Learn more about how Praxis EMR optimizes your coding, or about the best Praxis billing options.

Make More Money

Practicing high quality medicine and producing better documentation has solid financial benefits. Most Praxis EMR customers see increases in revenues of 12%-18% with some clients reporting bonuses of $120,000 to $160,000, solely related to using Praxis EMR on a daily basis. Praxis is the only EMR that progressively improves your documentation and billing, ensuring you give each patient the best care possible and get paid what you deserve. See a live Praxis EMR Demo today and start earning more money.

But you shouldn't just take our word for it. Read what satisfied Praxis users are saying about how Praxis improves their bottom line:

Dr. Steven McKenzie Attributes $160,000 Bonus To Praxis EMR

Dr. Steven McKenzie Attributes $160,000 Bonus To Praxis EMR

You don't have to wait for ARRA stimulus funding to have your EMR purchase pay off. Just ask Dr. Steven McKenzie of the Valley Medical Family Practice in Hemet, California. In the first half of 2010 alone, he earned a $160,000 bonus for improved coding. And to hear him tell it, this is but the tip of the return-on-investment iceberg.

Praxis has improved the quality of medicine I practice while respecting the way I practice." states Dr. McKenzie. "It keeps my practice running more efficiently every day. I estimate small practices will make hundreds of thousands of dollars more if they use Praxis."

Dr. Steven McKenzie - Family Practice
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