The Praxis
Patient Provider Portal

The key difference between the Praxis Portal and all other portals is that Praxis manages the portal given each encounter, something that no template can do. Thus, just as Praxis automates your patient visits, it automates your patient portal as well. The Concept Processor inside Praxis updates the portal automatically with what you want (or don't want) shared with each patient given the patient encounter, characteristics, conditions and protocols. I mention this because most portals today become a Pandora's Box for your clinic. Most Portals waste your time. The Praxis Portal saves it.

Praxis EMR Patient Portal

Concept Processing Based Patient Portal

  • Collaborate with other providers
  • Manage your population health and maintenance
  • Embark on leading-edge disease management
  • Run online queries and studies
  • and better engage your patients to improve their patient experience and your quality medicine

Practice Medicine the way it was meant to be.

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