With Praxis EMR,
the chart comes alive!

Using Praxis Agents, the chart "talks" to the clinical staff, making it possible to automate a clinic's workflow.

Agents are messengers that are placed directly into the patient note. Agents are "intelligent" and know exactly when they need to activate themselves and who in the clinic they need to reach.

The user may set Agents to activate days, weeks, even months later. For instance, an Agent can be used to remind staff to call a patient and schedule a repeat MRI. Alternatively, Agents can be triggered under certain conditions, such as the next time a patient returns to the clinic. When the conditions exist, the Agent will know whom to inform and when, making the appropriate adjustment even in the case of staff turnover.

The best part of Agents is that the physician creates them only once. The next time the doctor sees a patient with a similar condition, the Agent will be right there, within the chart, ready to perform the same task for that new patient as well. The provider can easily modify any Agent, and then that new Agent will be instantly available the next time it is needed.

Praxis Agents

The more Agents one creates, the more the chart seems to take on a life of its own.


Practice Medicine the way it was meant to be.

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