Praxis, the best AI EHR in healthcare, reduces physician burnout by focusing on faster charting, seamless administrative tasks, higher quality medicine, and the recuperation of physicians’ mental health.

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The Challenges of Healthcare

Over the last two decades physicians have realized that the template approach to medical charting with Electronic Medical Records offers very little in the practice of medicine and the improvement of patient care. In fact, it has caused a huge amount of wasted time, unnecessary personal stress and added expense.

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Physician Burnout

Recent reports on physician burnout indicate that doctors are experiencing fatigue and depression, with widespread feelings of frustration, sadness, and anger**. The findings highlight that the main reasons for this are too many working hours and the burden of administrative and bureaucratic tasks. Slow and cumbersome template-based Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) are failing to mitigate these factors.

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Amidst the recent surge in AI development, the following question arises:

What benefits does AI bring to healthcare, and how is it alleviating physician burnout?

The effectiveness of artificial intelligence in healthcare and its impact on reducing physician burnout depend significantly on how the AI is implemented. When implemented correctly, instead of interrupting doctors' thought processes, it can become an expansion of their minds at the point of care. Outlined below are five essential ways in which Praxis is achieving this.

Medical charting with AI is fast and easy to use.

There is nothing more frustrating than slow technology. Praxis is an AI EHR that focuses on speed allowing physicians to spend less time charting on the computer and more time caring for their patients. Physicians need easy to use technology that has the ability to provide them with just the right information, exactly when and where they need it. By charting with fewer clicks and less informational distractions, Praxis allows physicians to save hours each day.

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AI in healthcare improves Medical Quality.

Praxis is an AI EHR that constantly optimizes a physician's methodology allowing them to chart in their own words with critical precision. When you pose a crucial question to a patient once, Praxis ensures that you are prompted to ask the same question every time a similar case arises. This empowers physicians to uphold their standard of excellence, irrespective of the number of patients they've attended to or the hours they've dedicated to their work, contributing to their growth as a more proficient doctor.

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Charting with AI reduces risk of Medical Malpractice.

By recording the physicians thinking process and enhancing their logic with each patient, Praxis, an AI EHR, helps defend physicians against malpractice by preventing claims against generic medicine. This powerful AI technology based on past visits creates charts that are unique and protected by physician-patient confidentiality. This is opposed to more standardized template based EHRs which, in contrast, increase medical error and can be presented as evidence in medical malpractice lawsuits.

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Using an AI EHR improves reimbursement rates.

AI that is based on physicians past visits, charted in their own words with their own thought processes minimizes errors, enhances their medical charting, and ensures consistent high-quality care for every patient. The increased precision, coupled with superior documentation and coding, directly correlates to increased financial returns.

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AI EHR lowers physician stress.

Praxis is an AI EHR that allows physicians to chart at speed, in their own words, lowering stress and reducing physician fatigue. It is far easier for physicians to review their own thought processes in their own terminology in contrast to reading standardized template fields. AI in healthcare that remembers details from past visits allows physicians to have peace of mind in knowing that nothing has been overlooked.

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