Endocrinology Case Study

"Praxis uses a semantic engine called the "Concept Processor" that is not found in any other EMR; all other EMR's are template based."

Ease of Use

Praxis is user-friendly because it is built on a Concept Processor, which uses plain language to construct documentation that can be used repeatedly when describing/recording the same type of case. After the initial input of frequently seen cases, charting becomes very fast.


I have to say that what I enjoy most about Praxis is that it is unique. It can hold multiple questionnaires, linked to the diagnoses or Assessments, and you can have any number of Assessments.

"Praxis stores cases and makes them readily available for use in building new cases."

Product Quality

Praxis is well-designed because the company considers its best advisors to be its customers, who are physicians in daily practice. Physicians send in suggestions for improvement, and they are incorporated into subsequent releases.

"Praxis has a Query Builder so I can build my own queries, but it also has a Dataminer: a set of pre-made queries that satisfies Meaningful Use criteria."

Customer Support

Praxis has different methods of support and the response time is very quick. They have a good aupport management software that keeps track of all issues and their progress moving to completion.

What do you like most about Praxis?

Praxis is a complete EHR that produces SOAP notes rapidly, using the non-template concept processor. It stores information in a relational database, so all results are accessible to the SQL query process. That, combined with its extensive set of practice advisories, allows the program to conform with Medicare's Meaningful Use requirements. It has a query builder, so I can build my own queries but it also has a data miner - a set of pre-made queries that satisfies the Meaningful Use criteria (so I don't have to create queries if I don't want to).

The practice advisories (aka Clinical Practice Guidelines) act as a Clinical Decision Support System.

The dynamic fields feature holds special information about individual patients, such as preferred language and smoking status.

The Knowledge Exchanger allows one user to benefit from the work of another user by transmitting the database from one user to another.

Final Thoughts

Praxis has been in the market for 20 years. Its development has managed to keep up with all the requirements for a user-friendly EMR and it is highly adaptable to different types of practices.

Praxis Electronic Medical Records (EMR) - Endocrinology Case Study

Physician Profile

Dr. Clayton Reynolds


Victoria, Canada

Praxis Use:
Praxis EMR user since 1999


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