The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) is a non-profit organization that sets some of the nation's most respected criteria for medical quality. More and more employers are beginning to demand NCQA recognition and certification. Praxis helps you get you there.

The NCQA offers a variety of programs to fit the strengths and needs of your practice. Visit their website for more detailed information.


  • Accountable Care Organizations (ACO)
  • Health Plan Accreditation (HPA)
  • Wellness & Health Promotion (WHP)
  • NEW! Case Management Accreditation
  • Managed Behavioral Healthcare Organizations (MBHO)
  • New Health Plans (NHP)
  • Disease Management (DM)
  • Accreditation Users Group (AUG)


Certification programs are made up of subsets of the criteria necessary for accreditation. Certification is appropriate for practices that provide specific services rather than comprehensive medical programs.

  • Credentials Verification Organizations (CVO)
  • Disease Management (DM)
  • Health Information Products (HIP)
  • Multicultural Health Care (MHC)
  • Physician and Hospital Quality (PHQ)
  • Utilization Management and Credentialing (UM/CR)
  • Accreditation Users Group (AUG)


  • Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH 2011)
    Recognizes clinician practices functioning as medical homes by using systematic, patient-centered and coordinated care management processes.
  • Government Recognition Initiative
    Works with government agencies to promote concepts of the Patient-Centered Medical Home and to recognize Federally-Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) and Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) as Medical Homes.
  • Diabetes Recognition Program (DRP)
    Recognizes clinicians who demonstrate that they provide high-quality care to patients with diabetes.
  • Heart/Stroke Recognition Program (HSRP)
    Recognizes clinicians who demonstrate that they provide high-quality care to patients with cardiac conditions or who have had a stroke.
  • Physician Practice Connections (PPC)
    Recognizes clinician practices that use up-to-date information and systems to enhance patient care.

We at Praxis are passionate about helping doctors practice the highest quality medicine, and about helping healthcare providers receive the recognition they deserve. The Praxis team is happy to support you as you prepare and apply for any NCQA initiative: we can assist you in building, implementing, and querying the appropriate practice guidelines. Please contact our Support team with any questions.


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