Population Health Management (PHM)

Population Health Management is the term used for the aggregation and analysis of patients' medical histories for the purpose of advancing the medical health of the population of patients under the supervision of any single doctor.

Although this term may seem lofty or nebulous, the truth is that the implications of the philosophy are quite simple. As a medical doctor, the population for whom you care extends beyond the most diligent patients. Not only should you focus on those who make appointments regularly or who you see often as part of their medical routine; your care should also extend to those who visit your office less frequently. The patient who skips her annual checkup, for example, is still on your records. As such, smart technologies that keep track of all of your patients can both increase the quality of care provided to those who you don't see regularly and decrease the headache caused by keeping tabs on infrequent visitors. There exist products that specialize in these services, but the truth is that your EHR software should be able to do it for you just as well.

Praxis allows you to easily keep track of patients no matter how long it has been since you have seen them last. Praxis Agents allow you to set reminders and notifications that alert anyone using messages you write. If you're patient needs an annual blood test, you can instantly set an Agent to message the patient directly so that they don't forget their health obligations. The best part is that you do it once and then rest easy. There is no need to stress about remembering every patient's upcoming tests, checkups and ongoing health maintenance.


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