AmericanEHR, The American College of Physicians' (ACP) EHR User Satisfaction Survey, Ranks Praxis EMR #1 Again.

Praxis EMR sweeps ACP's AmericanEHR User Satisfaction Survey, ranking #1 across the board including #1 in User Satisfaction, Overall Usability, and Prescribing.

Los Angeles, CA, February 15, 2012 --- The American College of Physicians' EHR Rating Program, AmericanEHR Partners, has awarded Praxis Electronic Medical Records the #1 EHR across the board as Praxis EMR sweeps #1 rankings again in February 2012. Praxis was rated the #1 EHR in a full eight out of twelve categories, winning Overall Usability, Satisfaction and Prescribing. Praxis EMR also won first place in Workflow Management, Order Management, Population Management, Training, and Interfaces. This is the fourth consecutive month that Praxis EMR has ranked #1 in User Satisfaction, also achieving the first place ranking November and December 2011 and January 2012.

"To be rated the #1 EMR in the country from the ACP shows that our focus on medical quality has paid off," said Doctor Richard Low, CEO of Infor-Med Corporation, makers of Praxis EMR. We are extremely honored that Praxis won in such key areas as User Satisfaction, Overall Usability and Prescribing, and to sweep the overall #1 rankings in the survey is truly an achievement. Praxis is the only EMR not based on templates, and this is why physicians prefer it to other EMRs. Template based EMRs turn doctors into technicians, forcing them to use rigid pick-lists in order to describe complex medical situations. Medicine is an art and no two doctors practice the same way. Praxis uses Concept Processing technology, which learns the way each physician practices medicine to progressively improve medical quality. By learning each physician's individual approach, Praxis EMR documents patient encounters progressively faster in the physician's own words. Using Praxis EMR helps doctors save time and practice better medicine. No template does this," said Doctor Low.

Praxis EMR has consistently ranked #1 in Physician-User Satisfaction nationwide, earning top rankings in user satisfaction polls, including #1 in User Satisfaction, Improving Medical Quality, Training & Support, Health Maintenance, Ease of Use, Return on Investment, and several other areas throughout the 2008, 2009 & 2011 American Academy of Family Physicians' EHR User Satisfaction Surveys.

The uniqueness of Praxis EMR lies in its core technology. Praxis utilizes a neural-network engine called a Concept Processor that constantly learns from previous encounters to chart progressively faster and more effectively. "In essence, each provider becomes his own best teacher," said Doctor Low.

As the practice of medicine moves towards universal Electronic Healthcare Records, Praxis EMR remains dedicated to helping practicing physicians first and foremost, insuring that physicians practice medicine their own way, while not being forced into using templates. Praxis EMR believes that maintaining physician individuality and freedom while charting electronically is essential to improving medical quality, lowering healthcare costs, and improving physicians' income.

About AmericanEHR Partners

Developed by the American College of Physicians and Cienties Technologies, AmericanEHR Partners provides physicians, state and federal agencies, vendors, and funding organizations across the United States with the necessary tools to identify, implement, and effectively use Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and other healthcare technologies.

About Praxis Electronic Medical Records

Award-winning and affordable, Praxis EMR has been a leading innovator of Electronic Medical Records software, serving thousands of physicians across the U.S. and throughout the world for over 20 years. Whereas other EMRs are based on rigid and cumbersome templates, Praxis EMR utilizes an artificial intelligence engine that self learns getting smarter and faster as the user charts in free text. Praxis EMR's focus on clinical usability consistently earns it #1 ratings in physician user satisfaction surveys. Its unique approach to medical charting makes Praxis the most usable EMR on the market today. The new Praxis EMR v5 is certified as a complete EMR under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Meaningful Use Program.

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