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Server and terminal server requirements.

System Requirements


In addition to hardware speed, one of the biggest determinants of Praxis speed is the transfer of TCP/IP data across a network. This is not because of the complexity of Praxis software, but because data must be broken up, packaged, and sent across your network in pieces. This process can be slow and time-consuming, especially with multiple users.

A new system called VMware solves this problem, and also saves you from buying new workstations. VMware works by placing all Praxis applications, Oracle, the operating system, and any other applications into a single "box," or server. Because everything is run in the same place, there is no TCP-IP package transfer and no associated delays. Within the box, the CPUs are separated so that Praxis and Oracle each have their own CPU, which also increases speed.

While every application runs within the server, the "look and feel" of the application is projected to the workstations. In other words, workstations do not need to be powerful because they are not actually running Praxis: they simply pick up visual information and send back mouse and keyboard actions.

The benefits of VMware:

  • VMware is the fastest available way to run your system. Praxis will fly, and the system eliminates all crashes.
  • You enjoy equal speed on all machines, regardless of their size, processing power, or location. We have seen Praxis at work on iPads and even iPods, and there is no reduction of speed when you access Praxis outside of the office.
  • VMware includes both a Terminal Server and a Database server for the price of one server.
  • There is no need to change our upgrade your workstations, as Praxis will run with equal speed even on inexpensive older workstations.

Please contact Support if you are interested in VMware: we will review your server to confirm that it is VMware-compatible and advise you on next steps.

Hardware Compatibility Guide


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