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Praxis EMR - Harry M. Goldin, M.D., Dermatology

Harry M. Goldin, M.D.

4709 Golf Road, Suite 1000, Skokie, IL

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"No other EHR application compares to the features and characteristics of Praxis. It adapts to me and my style which helps me work so much quicker and efficiently."

Praxis is fast. There is no faster way to chart medicine.

Geriatric medicine is the type of medicine dealing with the conditions and health of elderly patients. Geriatricians support the physical, medical, social, and emotional wellbeing of seniors. The conditions of aging are the main concentration of geriatricians and require the aid of an effective EHR system to maintain organization and track the progress of patients' health. In order to efficiently provide high quality care, geriatricians must equip themselves with a top EHR system.

Praxis is Easy to Use. Your Medicine. Your Way.

Praxis EMR is the top-rated EHR software for geriatric medicine as it grants physicians more time with their patients and less time charting. With streamlined documentation software, geriatric medicine specialists are able to provide higher quality care to their patients. The AI Core Processor of Praxis adapts to the physician’s preferences style and exhibits individualized patient notes rather than restrictive template recordkeeping.

Specialty Case Studies

Praxis EMR - Steven McKenzie, M.D., Family Practice

Steven McKenzie, M.D.

Family Practice, Valley Medical Family Practice

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Praxis EMR - Cecelia Hissong, M.D., Family Practice

Cecelia Hissong, M.D.

Family Practice, Cecelia Hissong MD, PC

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Praxis EMR - Jeremy L. Bradley, M.D., Family Practice

Jeremy Bradley, M.D.

Family Practice, FAAFP, Owensboro, Kentucky

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Praxis EMR - Dr. Robert Comeau, OB/GYN

Dr. Robert Comeau

OB/GYN, Las Vegas,

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Praxis EMR is the best EHR for geriatricians because the Praxis software utilizes AI technology to learn from the physician's usage, allowing for increased productivity and better medical care. The effortless template-free format of Praxis EMR is the distinguishing factor from other EHR systems as physicians are given more flexibility to accommodate their patients.

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Praxis EMR - Dr. Stephen Hsieh, Internal Medicine

Dr. Stephen Hsieh

Internal Medicine

"I choose Praxis for my clinic because it allows me to practice medicine my way. It is convenient, efficient, and helpful because I can share information with other practitioners quickly and spend less time taking notes."

Praxis for Your Practice


Geriatric medicine specialists are able to seamlessly import patient demographic information into Praxis. Praxis is the best EMR system for physicians to clearly graph and organize patient chart information.


Praxis EMR's AI processing engine learns from the user and adapts to the style of the physician. The flexible and observant nature of the Praxis software makes the user's experience unique and effortless.


With the implementation of top level AI, Praxis enables physicians to be more productive by spending less time charting and more time interacting with patients.


Geriatric medicine encapsulates many different types of conditions which calls for individualized treatment for each patient. Praxis EMR synthesizes patient data and can be monitored by the physician unhindered.


Praxis EMR incorporates accessibility to lab results such as biopsies, X-rays, MRIs, and blood samples of patients to support the treatment and care provided by geriatric medicine specialists.


The Praxis EMR system is the best EHR for automatic tracking of patient care for geriatric medicine specialists. With the accessible process of Praxis charting, care providers can view and interpret patient information when needed.

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