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Praxis EMR - Doctor Michael Gantt, MD, Internal Medicine

Doctor Michael Gnatt, MD

Gnatt Medical Associates in Rockville, MD

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"Praxis keeps getting better the more I use it ... It's amazing how it adjusts to my practice. Instead of being stuck with somebody else's EMR templates, Praxis learns from how I use it. With each patient encounter, Praxis learns how I approach each diagnosis and uses this with future encounters on other patients. Documenting visits, ordering tests, generating letters and handouts, prescribing meds, complying with Medicare requirements are all done easily with Praxis,"

Specialty Case Studies

Praxis EMR - Steven McKenzie, M.D., Family Practice

Steven McKenzie, M.D.

Family Practice, Valley Medical Family Practice

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Praxis EMR - Cecelia Hissong, M.D., Family Practice

Cecelia Hissong, M.D.

Family Practice, Cecelia Hissong MD, PC

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Praxis EMR - Jeremy L. Bradley, M.D., Family Practice

Jeremy Bradley, M.D.

Family Practice, FAAFP, Owensboro, Kentucky

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Praxis EMR - Dr. Robert Comeau, OB/GYN

Dr. Robert Comeau

OB/GYN, Las Vegas,

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Praxis EMR - Jose Victor Castellanos, MD, PLLC, Internal Medicine

Jose Victor Castellanos, MD, PLLC

Internal Medicine

"I'm a big fan of the features of Praxis EMR. The template-free design, fast documentation, reporting tools, chart dictation, and scanning capabilities all within one program make it easy to work with. The ability to use the interface with my practice management system for higher reimbursements and the synchcronization with labs is working really well. After consulting with other physicians and our IT company, Praxis EMR was recommended to us and we are very happy with the choice."

The Intelligent Oncology/Hematology Practice

Import Patient-Specific Demographics

Track and graph patient demographics to assess the risk of each individual patient using factors such as family history, lifestyle health, past lab results, and many more which makes for a very smooth transition to the Praxis system.

Customized Oncology Care Plans

As the different branches of the field of oncology vary greatly in their needs and treatment plans, Praxis allows for unique care plans for each patient that can be monitored and customized at the user's will.

Integrated Lab Test Results

Input test result values into the Praxis EHR with ease of use and later access including CBC, protein testing, CTC, and many more.

Personalized Patient Care

In the field of Oncology, the patient-physician relationship is crucial to the comfort of the patient and good practice of the oncologist. Praxis EHR allows the user to save time charting in order to put more energy into the care and relationship with the patient.

Patient Information Always Accessible

With Praxis, physicians can remotely access information anywhere any time. This saves the hassle of needing to sort through endless paper charts in the office to get the information you need.

Practice Oncology Your Way

With Praxis' unique AI engine, it learns from the physician the more that it is used. This means that as you use Praxis, it will learn your way of working and charting patient information which saves you time and the hassle of rigid template-based systems.

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