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"...the beauty is that the next time I see a similar patient, Praxis remembers everything, it does it all for me. No template system does this."

Praxis is fast. There is no faster way to chart medicine.

Osteopathic Medicine is a distinct and highly-respected form of modern medicine that emphasizes helping each individual achieve the highest level of personal wellness via health promotion and disease prevention efforts. Such a deeply personalized practice requires osteopathic physicians to form meaningful and trustworthy relationship with their patients. A strong physician-provider relationship allows osteopathic physicians to provide the highest quality of care by working in partnership with their patients to break down barriers to good health. With such a critical role in patient wellbeing and the growing field of holistic and personalized medicine, osteopathic physicians require an EHR that not only understands and appreciates the complexity of their interdisciplinary practice but also champions their unique philosophy.

Praxis is Easy to Use. Your Medicine. Your Way.

The osteopathic philosophy promises a physician who trusts their patients' self-knowledge and views them as a whole person, as opposed to a distinct set of health symptoms. Osteopathic physicians are exceedingly more likely than traditional allopathic doctors to ask about their patient’s lifestyle and family in relation to their health.

Praxis improves Medical Quality. Practice your best under any situation.

Traditional template-based EHRs, which are often rigid and time-consuming, simply are not suited to complement the osteopathic philosophy. In fact, physicians who use traditional EHRs often spend twice as much time with their EHR as they do with their patients. Additionally, template-based EHRs offer an antiquated one size fits all approach, thereby limiting the personalization aspect that is at the heart of osteopathic care.

Praxis EMR Patient-Provider Portal

Osteopathic physicians deserve an EHR system that complements and advances their unique philosophy and allows them to deliver the highest quality holistic care. The top EHR system for Osteopathic medicine must be fast, easy to use, intuitive, and offer powerful practice guidelines for customized health maintenance and wellness plans for each individual.

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As a template-free EHR system, Praxis is the best EHR for osteopathic medicine as it empowers physicians to freely practice medicine with their own distinct style, rather than forcing them to follow rigid, structured and difficult to use templates. Additionally, Praxis empowers providers with the ability to utilize discrete variables within any portion of a patient's clinical notes that can be easily culled as de-identified data and utilized in wide scale. This unique feature saves a crucial amount of time and improves the care experience for both physicians and patients, especially in conjunction with Praxis’s AI technology, called Concept Processing.

Specialty Case Studies

Praxis EMR - Steven McKenzie, M.D., Family Practice

Steven McKenzie, M.D.

Family Practice, Valley Medical Family Practice

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Praxis EMR - Cecelia Hissong, M.D., Family Practice

Cecelia Hissong, M.D.

Family Practice, Cecelia Hissong MD, PC

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Praxis EMR - Jeremy L. Bradley, M.D., Family Practice

Jeremy Bradley, M.D.

Family Practice, FAAFP, Owensboro, Kentucky

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Dr. Robert Comeau

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Learn more about the unique Osteopathic Medicine AI of Praxis EMR

Equipped with advanced AI technology, Praxis not only learns from the physician user and gets smarter and faster with greater use but also improves clinical care and patient outcomes. In fact, Praxis refocuses nearly two hours normally spent charting on EHRs to patient engagement, thereby allowing for optimal high quality care delivery and the prioritization of the doctor-patient relationship, which are both at the heart of the osteopathic mission. Ultimately, Praxis is the best EHR system for osteopathic medicine, as its customizable AI system and template-free model champions the holistic care mission, while demanding no sacrifices to patient care quality. Put simply, Praxis works as a partner and an advocate for higher-quality osteopathic care, not just an EHR.

Introducing Concept Processing

The Intelligent Osteopathic Medicine Practice

Personalized AI System

The more that the Praxis system is used, the more that our AI system learns from the practicing physician and saves time that would otherwise be spent charting or using outdated templates.

Risk Profiles

Track and review a summary of risk factors, such as family medical disorders, lifestyle habits and social history.

Diagnostic test and imaging

Easily record laboratory screening tests, X-rays and genetic tests

Integrated laboratory results

View and track laboratory results such as urine tests and CT scans. Praxis allows for integration of already existing lab results for a more complete view of a patient's health.

Assessment and Patient-specific alerts

In individual patient's files indicate specific problems, family history details, surgical history details, or other chart items as alerts.

Customized Health Maintenance

Customize Health Maintenance and Pain Management on a per encounter basis.

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