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Praxis EMR - Best EHR for Pediatrics

"As a pediatrician that works with many providers, Praxis EMR has let me set a strong standard of care for my patients. My trainer was wonderful and she has a great amount of knowledge and enthusiasm that helped me learn how to use the new system quickly. Also, the Praxis implementation team is spot on with service and how they work with our practice's IT people."

Praxis is fast. There is no faster way to chart medicine.

Pediatrics is the field of medicine that specializes in the care and treatment of children. It is an interdisciplinary position that involves performing annual wellness checkups, communicating with family members, and attentive diagnostics and care for children with chronic conditions. Pediatrics ebbs and flows with the growth of the patient, and lifelong relationships must be built and maintained between the patient, the patient's family, and the pediatrician.

Praxis is Easy to Use. Your Medicine. Your Way.

Pediatrics concentrates on the long term development of the patient, which highlights the bond between the patient and the physician. It is critical for pediatricians to establish meaningful relationships in their field, and with the help of a top EHR system, pediatricians may provide better quality care to their patients.

Praxis improves Medical Quality. Practice your best under any situation.

Praxis EMR is the top-rated documentation software for physicians as it saves physicians time. With less time spent charting, pediatricians are able to instead designate more time and commitment to their patients.

Praxis EMR Patient-Provider Portal

According to Medscape's National Physician Burnout Report, 41% of pediatricians are suffering from feeling burnt out. Praxis EMR acknowledges the high demands and expectations of pediatrics and resolves this issue by learning from the physician. With the unique features and conduct of the Praxis EMR software, users have more control over their charting, reducing the pressure physicians encounter.

Praxis Electronic Health Record - Best rated American EHR
    1st Place
Praxis Electronic Health Record - Best rated AAFP
    1st Place
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Praxis EMR accommodates the preferences of the physician, adapting to the user while in use. The high quality AI Core Processing engine of Praxis personalizes the application to the user, and incorporates the Pediatric Practice Guidelines and AAP integration to the benefit of the physician. Praxis EMR is the best EHR for pediatricians because it removes the boundary of rigid templates and allows users the flexibility to practice better medicine.

Specialty Case Studies

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Steven McKenzie, M.D.

Family Practice, Valley Medical Family Practice

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Praxis EMR - Cecelia Hissong, M.D., Family Practice

Cecelia Hissong, M.D.

Family Practice, Cecelia Hissong MD, PC

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Praxis EMR - Jeremy L. Bradley, M.D., Family Practice

Jeremy Bradley, M.D.

Family Practice, FAAFP, Owensboro, Kentucky

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Dr. Robert Comeau

OB/GYN, Las Vegas,

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Praxis EMR is the outstanding EHR system for pediatrics because it is a progressive and adaptable software that grows with the physician. Pediatricians can practice higher quality pediatric medicine with the implementation of the Praxis EMR software.

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Praxis EMR - Best EHR for Pediatrics

"I can't explain enough how much I stand behind Praxis. I have referred this system to many of my colleagues because of the way this application has changed my practice. Praxis can improve your quality of life, reduce your stress, and improve the way you practice medicine."

Praxis for Your Practice


The template-free format of Praxis EMR works best for pediatricians physicians as it accommodates individual patient's files, indicates their specific problems, lists family history and surgical history, all fit to the specific patient.


Pediatricians are able to seamlessly import patient demographic information into Praxis. Praxis is the best EMR system for physicians to clearly graph and organize patient chart information.


The patient-physician relationship is the most crucial part of medicine because patients trust a caring and resilient physician. With the template-free process of Praxis EMR, physicians are empowered to spend more time with the patient and less time charting, reinforcing their relationship with the patient.


The Praxis EMR system is the best EHR for automatic tracking of patient care for pain management physicians. With the accessible process of Praxis charting, care providers can view and interpret patient information when needed.


Praxis EMR learns from pediatricians as they use the software. The AI behind the EHR rapidly adapts to the physician with increased usage, creating a custom charting regimen.


Praxis provides physicians with remote access to information when necessary. This EHR is the best for productivity as it maintains organization and prepares physicians for their cases.

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