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Praxis EMR - Dr. Raymond Miranda, Central Valley Pediatrics

Dr. Raymond Miranda

Central Valley Pediatrics

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"As a pediatrician, with extended providers, this software allows me to create a standard of care. It is important that an EMR be created around that standard and you offer that and more. My trainer is wonderful and she has a great amount of knowledge and enthusiasm. That encourages me. Also your implementation team is spot on with service and how they work with our IT people."

Specialty Case Studies

Praxis EMR - Steven McKenzie, M.D., Family Practice

Steven McKenzie, M.D.

Family Practice, Valley Medical Family Practice, Hemet, CA.

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Praxis EMR - Cecelia Hissong, M.D., Family Practice

Cecelia Hissong, M.D.

Family Practice, Cecelia Hissong MD, PC

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Praxis EMR - Jeremy L. Bradley, M.D., Family Practice

Jeremy Bradley, M.D.

Family Practice, FAAFP, Owensboro, Kentucky

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Praxis EMR - Dr. Robert Comeau, OB/GYN

Dr. Robert Comeau

OB/GYN, Las Vegas,

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An alarming 41% of practicing pediatricians polled by Medscape’s Nation Physician Burnout Report have reported feeling burnt out, due to many stressful factors in the nature of pediatrics. One of these stressors can be attributed to difficult-to-use EMRs that are rigid and template-based. With Praxis EMR, we give you the freedom to practice medicine your way and save you countless hours while also relieving the stress caused by old-fashioned charting methods.

Introducing Concept Processing
Praxis EMR - Dr. Subash Iyer

Dr. Subash Iyer

"If you ever need a pediatrician reference for how Praxis can improve your quality of life, reduce your stress, and improve the way you practice medicine, please don't hesitate to have them call me. This software Praxis has changed my life and I love it! Thank you."

The Intelligent Pediatrics Practice

Practice Pediatrics Your Way

Praxis EMR employs a unique AI system that learns from the user as it goes. The more it is used, the faster Praxis learns and grows accustomed to the individual style of wording that each physician practices with.

Patient Demographic Information Integration

Seamlessly import patient demographic information into Praxis for an easy switch into a new EMR system that allows users to graph and chart patient information.

Save Countless Hours

Praxis saves pediatricians countless hours that would have otherwise been spent on charts or other template-heavy EMRs. This extra time allows physicians to focus on their patients more, promoting a strong bond between the child and doctor.

Develop Customized Care Plans

As the different subspecialties of the field of pediatrics vary greatly in their needs and treatment plans, Praxis allows for unique care plans for each individual patient that can be monitored and customized at the will of the user.

Patient Information Always Accessible

With Praxis, physicians can remotely access information anywhere at anytime. This saves the hassle of needing to sort through endless paper charts in the office to get the information you need.

Assessment and Patient-Specific Practice Advisories

Intelligent reminders given clinical parameters, family history details, surgical history details, or other chart items as alerts.

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