Billing Freedom

Praxis Billing Integration

With Praxis, you can choose the best billing for your clinic.

Most EHR companies today are actually billing companies in disguise. They sell their billing software with pre-packaged templates and market this as an "integrated" EHR. These products are not designed for doctors; they're designed for medical billing, and they'll impair the quality of medicine in your practice.

Praxis is the only EHR that is a medical tool and not a template. Praxis has focused exclusively on developing our specialized EMR software tool that allows you to practice medicine better and faster. And we seamlessly integrate to the billing of your choice. You can have it all-- the best charting software and the best billing. With Praxis you get the integration that you need, without giving up the specialization that you deserve.


I already have a billing system:

Are you happy with your billing? Praxis specializes in connecting to your current billing system or service. Why change your billing and put your bottom line at risk? With Praxis, you don't have to: (See Praxis Integrated Billing Partners)


I'm looking for the best in-house billing:

Looking to bring your billing in-house? Praxis integrates with the best billing software today. Choose the best solution for your clinic's needs, and increase your bottom line. (Free Praxis Billing Software consultation)


I'm looking for a professional billing service:

Searching for an excellent billing professional? Praxis has assembled the finest professional billing partners in the country. We'll help you find the best option, and together we'll take your clinic to the next financial level. (Free Praxis Billing Service consultation)

The bottom Line: With Praxis Preferred Billing Partners, you get:

  • One single 800 number for fast customer support
  • Specialized charting software with integrated billing
  • Increased revenues from billing and EMR specialization
  • The flexibility you need to change as you grow

And, you get Praxis, the EHR rated #1 by physicians.

*Billing Specialists are proven to earn clinics 20-25% more in revenues. Praxis clients report increases of $100,000-$150,000 annually by using a billing specialist or specialized billing software.


Practice Medicine the way it was meant to be.

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