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- The Best EHRs for 2024

Electronic health records, also known as Electronic Medical Records (EHRs / EMRs), have become a vital part of a physician's practice and a fundamental pillar to the healthcare system. An electronic health record is not only a digital version of the traditional paper chart, but also a real-time health maintenance system that manages a patient's longitudinal health and a communication system that enables the secure transmission of health information.

As the plethora of EHR benefits become ever more evident to physicians and providers, several powerful and impressive companies have emerged as leaders in the EHR industry, and offer excellence in EHR development, deployment, and delivery. Each of these companies provide compelling services; however, it is crucial to understand the benefits and drawbacks of each EHR in order to select the most suitable EHR for one's specialty and clinical needs. Selecting the top EHR for your practice is vital to improving patient care and optimizing clinical efficiency. In order to ease the selection process for physicians in all specialties, the following is a thorough analysis of each of the top EHRs including summaries of each below with detailed insights into each EHR's history, components, and focus.

Epic, Praxis EMR, Oracle Cerner, CPSI, Meditech, eClinicalWorks, NextGen, Allscripts, Greenway Health, Practice Fusion.

Praxis EMR/EHR
Greenway Health
Practice Fusion

1. Epic

Epic systems is famously known as one of the first providers of electronic health records and currently provides support to some of the world's biggest healthcare systems. Since its founding in 1979, Epic's long-standing reputation and experience boasts easy scalability and effective products and services. Over time, the company has evolved to cater to primarily small and mid-sized practices; however, their services are also used across entire health care communities, children's organizations, and integrated delivery networks.

Epic is a cloud-based EHR, which is a scalable, and cost-effective solution for securely storing patient health records in accordance with HIPAA regulations. Systematically, Epic operates with a standard range of reliable EHR features, such as template-based data entry, order management, and electronic communication and connectivity, while also providing a plethora of third-party apps to customize to the needs of specific specialties. Perhaps one of Epic's biggest selling points is the company's intense focus on patient management and remote care facilitation. Such efforts are reflected in the company's extensive patient portal and existing telehealth extensions. Notably, Epic encompasses all aspects of care, including registration, patient scheduling and billing-making it a well-integrated system. Additionally, Epic systems provides necessary implementation, training, and technical services to support its users long-term.

Well informed healthcare IT research organization, KLAS, ranks Epic's EHR as the best EHR system for the past five years. Overall, Epic is regarded as a reliable, efficient, and comprehensive EMR system focused on providing excellent deliverables to large medical groups and inpatient settings.

Reasons to purchase Epic EHR:

  1. Longstanding reputation, trustworthy
  2. Interoperability
  3. 3rd party apps to fit specific
  4. Cloud host system
  5. Efficient user interface packed with shortcuts, templates, and smart phrases
  6. Patient portal

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6th Place



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Praxis EMR

2. Praxis EMR

Founded in 1989 and considered to be the top AI EHR system for small and mid-sized practices, Praxis EMR is an award-winning EHR system, serving thousands of physicians across the U.S. and globally. Praxis's passionate focus on efficient usability and optimal user experience is well-reflected in the system's strategic template-free model, which allows for utmost flexibility and adaptation. Due to its flexible nature, Praxis EMR is arguably the most well suited EHR prepared to serve all different types of specialties and can be seen across a plethora of uniquely run institutions. While other top EHR systems tend to prioritize the patient experience over the physician's, Praxis EMR uniquely prioritizes both, making it the top rated EHR by physicians and a compelling solution for many practices.

Praxis is a customizable cloud- or server-based EHR system and is certified as a complete EHR for MACRA and freely automates CMS Quality Reporting Programs. Praxis stands out on this list for its innovative artificial intelligence (AI) operating system, called Concept Processing, that intuitively becomes faster and smarter with greater use. Unlike all other EMRs, Praxis champions a template-free model that is demonstrated to improve medical quality, increase revenues of 30-40%, protect against potential legal issues, and lower physician burnout. Praxis EHR's AI system and template-free model is one of a kind and reflects on the simple but extraordinarily important premise of medicine as an art. Praxis acknowledges that no two doctors practice medicine the same way and allows for utmost user freedom in allowing physicians to transform their EHR experience to reflect their distinct way of practicing medicine. Additionally, Praxis houses a unique DataMiner research tool, allowing for instant query on any information from a select patient population-perfect for implementing advances in health maintenance, clinical studies, or drug trials. As such, Praxis both promises and delivers in all aspects of increased user efficiency and comfort for all types of specialties and institutions, regardless of size.

Likewise, Praxis shares an intense focus on optimizing the patient experience and improving the quality of healthcare delivery. Such a goal is reflected in its integrated patient-provider portal and its commitment to natural template-free charting that both decreases charting time and increases meaningful patient engagement time. In fact, Praxis redirects two hours of charting time to the cultivation of the important physician-patient relationship.

Healthcare review organization-KLAS-has named Praxis as the top EHR category leader. Additionally, Praxis has received straight A's from KLAS, as well as being named the Best EHR in a plethora of categories by Black Book. Praxis has won two prestigious HIMSS Davies Awards for excellence in EHR, as well as consistently being named the highest rated EHR by physician users in reviews from notable online user communities, such as Software Advice, Capterra and Get App. Overall, Praxis, equipped with a unique AI system and template-free model, is regarded as an innovative, trustworthy, efficient, and flexible EMR system capable of meeting and exceeding the needs of all specialties and institutions. Praxis is more than an EHR; Praxis is a partner. With Praxis, specialties and institutions are well-equipped to make a meaningful impact in the healthcare industry and in the lives of the people they serve.

Reasons to purchase Praxis EHR:

  1. AI system learns from the user and gets smarter and faster with greater use
  2. Template-free model allows for utmost freedom and customization
  3. Improves medical quality
  4. Increases revenues of 30-40%
  5. Provides legal protection
  6. Reduces charting time by 2 hours on average
  7. Lowers physician burnout and protects from stress
  8. Live technical support and comprehensive training services
  9. Patient portal
  10. DataMiner research tool allows for instant query


3. Oracle Cerner - Oracle Health EHR

Founded by three accountants in Kansas City, Missouri, Cerner had been a leading provider of electronic medical records for over 40 years. In 2022, Oracle acquired Cerner, rebranding it as Oracle Health EHR. Oracle Health EHR continues to build on Cerner’s legacy, leveraging Oracle's extensive technological capabilities to enhance health information technology systems and services for healthcare providers of all sizes, across 55 distinct specialties.

Oracle Health EHR focuses on delivering an integrated, cloud-based electronic health record system aimed at improving workflow, organization, and advancing patient care. The platform offers extensive implementation support, full-service options, and strategic vision support, ensuring a successful deployment and utilization of their systems. Oracle Health EHR is committed to improving the charting experience and healthcare delivery for all institutions, including offering strategic population health advisory services to smaller medical practices and tailored cloud-based technology to help Critical Access Hospitals reduce financial barriers.

Oracle Health EHR provides robust support and training services, including revenue cycle management, wellness programs, scorecards, and performance improvement services. Its client care support model enables caregivers to communicate efficiently with other providers, clinicians, and patients, thereby optimizing physician-patient communication and increasing efficiency. Oracle Health EHR remains a prominent leader in the EHR market with a reputable list of high-profile clients.

Why should you use Oracle Health EHR?

  • Easy Navigation and Organization. The platform is designed for intuitive use, ensuring easy navigation and organization of patient data.

  • Protects Against HIPAA Errors. Oracle Health EHR incorporates comprehensive security measures to protect patient information and ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations.

  • Automatic Transfer of Charting Data. The system supports the automatic transfer of charting data using various input methods, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual entry errors.

  • Integration with Third-Party Apps and Systems. Oracle Health EHR seamlessly integrates with third-party applications and systems, providing a cohesive and connected healthcare ecosystem.

  • Patient Portal. The patient portal allows patients to access their health information, communicate with providers, and manage appointments, enhancing patient engagement and satisfaction.

  • Comprehensive and Well-Regarded Support Services. Oracle Health EHR offers extensive support services, including implementation assistance, training, and ongoing customer support to ensure the success of its users.

With such a reputable and well-trusted background, Oracle Health EHR is a noteworthy option for institutions seeking a reliable and advanced EHR solution.

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4. CPSI: Evident Thrive EHR:

Evident designs their solutions with acute and ambulatory settings in mind while taking into account the particular characteristics of rural hospitals and clinics. Evident has more than 40 years of experience in developing healthcare solutions specifically for smaller communities. Evident's Thrive EHR provides efficient and intuitive cutting-edge technology, documentation supporting value-based care reimbursement models, and strong interoperability support.

Evident Thrive EHR offers:

  • Full integration between all care settings: emergency department, pharmacy and diagnostics, hospital, and affiliated clinics
  • Notes for Thrive is a feature in which all patient information can be found in one place, resulting in more efficient navigation and shortened charting time. The ease of use and readability of Notes has led to fewer insurance denials and a higher claim success rate.
  • Improve patient engagement with MyCareCorner, an easy-to-use portal that lets patients access their information from anywhere via mobile or desktop

Furthermore, Evident's relationship with Commonwell Health Alliance allows physicians to connect with 13,000+ other provider sites and access 50M+ individual health records and provide better and more knowledgeable patient care without any additional costs.

"Consistent billing and collections are now being done, and we can see that with our increase in cash and our lower AR days."

—Greg Gibbes, CEO

"Notes made documentation four to five times faster. Its narrative format made it read a lot better and easier for the next provider to interpret."

—Jeremy Reynolds, PA-C, MPAS at Falls Community Hospital and Clinic

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5. Meditech

MEDITECH is a privately held Healthcare IT vendor focused on providing small- to medium-sized hospitals with an integrated EHR solution. Founded in 1969, MEDITECH is one of the oldest HealthcareIT vendors in the country and has well-regarded installations in practices nationwide. MEDITECH's EHR focuses on the facilitation of day-to-day operation to optimize healthcare delivery and improve customer service.

MEDITECH provides a fully-integrated, interoperable, and on-premise EHR system aimed at simplifying and enhancing clinician-patient interaction via technologies that encourage human connection and increase patients' roles in their own course of care. MEDITECH's EHR is known to perform tasks such as scheduling, charting, documentation, revenue management, and provides support services to agencies to manage at-home patient tasks, such as placing medication orders, service billing, and document management. Along with MEDITECH's commitment to the optimization of everyday tasks, their EHR houses tools, such as the Cloud Platform and MEDITECH as a Service (Maas), and has comprehensive strategic partnerships with Google and Apple to aid in the provision of secure and cost-effective care.

KLAS has honored MEDITECH for the seventh consecutive year with the titles of the top EMR for Acute Care, the top Patient Accounting and Patient Management solution for community hospitals, and the top Home Health EHR for organizations with 1-200 average daily census. Overall, MEDITECH's EHR is focused on improving patient care experiences via the enhancement of the physician-patient relationship and is well suited for large medical practices and institutions.

Reasons to purchase Meditech EHR:

  1. Interactive web feel
  2. Easy customization that meets specific needs to improve efficiency
  3. Well-organized interface allows for easy identification of alerts and tools
  4. Online customer support services
  5. Interoperability via Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs)
  6. Patient portal

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6. eClinicalWorks

Founded in 1999, eClinicalWorks (eCW) is a technology enterprise whose EHR primarily helps to provide IT ambulatory services, and improve care efficiency and organize workflow for healthcare institutions, while prioritizing customers. Being a technological enterprise, eClinicalWorks prides itself in the development of its own comprehensive medical technology, which is widely available to over fifty diverse specialties, including hospitals, health centers, mobile clinics, and surgical centers.

eClinicalWorks is an integrated cloud-based EHR system and Revnue Cycle Management solution that provides resources for efficient documentation, industry-leading value and satisfaction, and in-depth user satisfaction. With the latest updates, eClinicalWorks version 7 features interoperability, allowing users fast and easy access to patient data anytime, anywhere, and through a wide array of applications. Additionally, new features include, Eva (a virtual assistant), and tools to optimize important patient engagement and foster a meaningful understanding about population health. With the development of such tools, eClinicalWorks is committed to the continual advancement of care aimed at increasing patient satisfaction, accurately gauging risk, and promoting higher quality care delivery. Perhaps the most popular quality attributed to eClinicalWorks EHR is its own telemedicine solution, known as Healow, which allows patients the flexibility. to access their patient health information and communication with their selected health professionals. Likewise, eClinicalWorks is committed to improved data streamlining via its unique Grid cloud system-a group of nina data centers that safeguard private data and administer this information to parter practices efficiently-and its agreements between CommonWell Health Alliance, Carequality frameworks, and eClinicalWorks, allows for improved data streamlining and thus more accurate clinical decisions.

In 2017, eClinicalWorks earned the Frost and Sullivan's North American Customer Value Leadership Award in revenue cycle management for physician practices. Overall, eClinicalWorks is a reputable electronic health record company whose EHR is well-suited for specialties focused on the prioritization of customers and streamlined workflow.

Reasons to purchase eClinicalWorks EHR:

  1. Virtual visits via telemedicine application, Healow
  2. Free conversion packages
  3. Training included for small practices
  4. Patient portal
  5. Improved data streamlining via Grid cloud system
  6. Health and Wellness Tracking Data

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7. Nextgen

Operating since 1976, NextGen has been assisting nearly 155,000 physicians with their electronic health records software, which is focused exclusively on improving the experience of ambulatory care providers and specialty practices, regardless of size, and their related communities. NextGen focuses on leveraging financial management solutions with clinical solutions to assist practices in achieving both clinical and financial advantage.

NextGen offers a fully integrated cloud-based EHR system, which specialty-specific content, a claims clearing house, an easy-to-use patient portal that collectively increase productivity, improve financial outcomes, enrich patient satisfaction and experience, and ease health data communication. Additionally, NextGen's offerings include population health management and risk stratification services aimed at helping institutions identify and address gaps, as well as a clinical care solution to decrease unessential administrative actions and prioritize physician-patient engagement. NextGen's focus on supporting ambulatory practices is echoed in its efforts to streamline patient health data between distinct providers, patients, organizations, and health registries. Likewise, with an end-to-end revenue cycle management solution, NextGen's EHR mitigates operational difficulties in order to optimize revenue streams, therefore minimizing overall cost and offering a cost-effective solution.

KLAS has recognized NextGen as the top practice management solution and the top ambulatory EMR in 2023. Overall, NextGen is a popular option for ambulatory practices looking for an EHR to assist in optimizing both clinical and financial outcomes.

Reasons to purchase NextGen EHR:

  1. Generates patient treatment and solution plans
  2. Designed to improve patient engagement and reduce administrative burden
  3. Well-regarded training and support system
  4. Patient portal
  5. Population health management and risk stratification services
  6. Strong data analytics offerings

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8. Allscripts

Allscripts Healthcare Solutions was founded in 1982 as Medic Computer Systems, but rebranded to its current form in 1986-making it one of the longstanding EHR providers in the industry. Allscripts provides electronic health record services to a variety of small to medium sized practices, hospitals, and health providers. Allscripts provides the only EHR platform not tied to products of any specific manufacturer, making it a suitable and flexible option for many.

Allscripts offers a plethora of different cloud-based and mobile-first solutions aimed at optimizing time for physician-patient engagement and the delivery of quality care, while facilitating charting and decreasing burdensome administrative tasks. A few examples of distinct EHR's offered by Allscripts include Sunrise, Paragon, Community Care, TouchWorks, Professional, Practice Fusion and Avenal. These offerings vary in cost-effectivity, focus, integration, and additional offerings. While Sunrise and Paragon offer ambulatory and revenue cycle solutions focused on more informed patient care and outcomes, Community Care is a fully-integrated EHR system that is more customizable to community hospitals. Avenal is a unique mobile-first solution aimed at helping health professionals restructure their professional time to create a better personal and professional life balance.

Black Book Hospital has awarded Allscripts as the top HER system for vendor client satisfaction in community hospitals for the fourth consecutive year. Overall, Allscripts's EMR offerings are a suitable option for specialties and institutions looking for a diverse set of distinct yet interconnected solutions with promised offerings to both better the patient and physician experience.

Reasons to purchase Allscripts EHR:

  1. Well-known to ease the prescribing process
  2. Longstanding reputation with much experience
  3. A plethora of EHR offerings designed to meet specific needs
  4. Streamlined administrative tasks
  5. Easy-to-use dashboard
  6. Allscripts prenatal offers tools for improving maternity care
  7. Patient engagement platform

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8th Place



Software Advice

Greenway Health

9. Greenway Health

Founded in 1989, Greenway Health is a privately-held Healthcare IT solutions provider for billing and practice management, EHR services, and revenue cycle management (RCM). Greenway's EHR and practice management platform, known as Intergy, focuses on providing users a friendly and specialty-focused solution specifically for ambulatory healthcare practices.

Intergy is a cloud-based EHR system-available as a hosted or on-premise EHR-dedicated to promoting financially healthy operations and offering a variety of solutions, such as monitoring, automatic updates, return on investment, and secure HIPAA compliant servers. A couple of Entergy's focuses include the optimization of chronic disease management care, driving payer incentives, and advocating for value-based healthcare. Greenway offers a subscription-based hosted solution aimed at alleviating security and infrastructure concerns common to health practices. Greenway also offers support to their EHR clients via the delivery of technology and the cultivation of strategic partnerships to help spur profitable growth and improve patient healthcare outcomes. Additionally, Greenway Intergy reports 5,000 clinical and financial fields in an included service-Intergy Practice Analytics-that provides users with thorough clinical insight into quality measure performance in order to support and encourage high quality care delivery.

KLAS recognized Intergy as the most improved physician practice product in 2019 and a category leader in ambulatory RCM services. Overall, Intergy EHR is best suited for large practices that span multiple locations, independent practice associations, accountable organizations, advanced surgical centers, and tribal health facilities.

Reasons to purchase Intergy EHR:

  1. Automatic health reminders for patients
  2. Comprehensive support system
  3. Minimizes administrative and clinical errors
  4. Increased productivity and efficiency
  5. Information security
  6. Offers practice analytic services
  7. Patient portal

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Software Advice

Practice Fusion

10. Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion is a relatively new enterprise in the electronic medical records industry, as the company officially opened in 2005. Practice Fusion's services are known to be best suited for small, independent private practices and ambulatory services.

Practice Fusion offers a cloud-based EHR system that prides itself on continual renewal on up-to-date health landscape changes in an attempt to meet growing healthcare demands. The cloud-based EHR system provides automatic updates, integrated policy support and a free patient portal. Additionally, the EHR's unified practice management system offers flexible billing, scheduling, and task management services. One of Practice Fusion's biggest selling points is its EHR's customizable nature, specifically its free library of customizable charting templates which allow for quick e-prescribing, labs and imaging connections, intuitive charting and patient engagement opportunities. Importantly, Practice Fusion also offers continued support services, such as on demand resources and customizable implementation resources, to guide institutions through implementation to billing selection. Lastly, Practice Fusion supports practices who would like to qualify for CMS incentives, as the company is fully certified in this domain.

SK&A and Reaction Data awarded Practice Fusion's EHR as the number one for ambulatory service in 2016 and as having a very high satisfaction rate in 2018, respectively. Overall, Practice Fusion's EHR is a popular option for small, independent practices and ambulatory services looking for a well-integrated, customizable, and efficient solution to ameliorating charting difficulties and improving clinical care.

Reasons to purchase Practice Fusion's EHR:

  1. Well-organized system eases navigation
  2. Up-to-date advanced technology
  3. Free patient portal
  4. Library of customizable templates
  5. Continued well-regarded support services

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4th Place



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Praxis EMR - The Top Rated EHR - FrontRunners 2019 - Top Electronic Medical Records Software - 2019 Reviews

After thoroughly reviewing each EHR's summaries, we encourage interested customers to identify the EHR that is best suited to meet the needs of their practice, visit their EHR's website, and watch the demo videos. Choosing the right EHR system will ensure the utmost benefits to users and institutions. For a detailed overview of how to identify the EHR that is best suited for your specific needs, refer to our list of vendor assessment questions to help guide you to the best EHR for your practice.

How to Conduct an Effective EHR Vendor Assessment & Questions You Should be Asking

A vendor assessment is an information gathering process that establishes thorough selection criteria based on input from important stakeholders. Conducting a vendor assessment is well regarded as a critical step in the EHR vetting process, and we have provided detailed instructions on how to conduct an effective assessment below.

  1. Reflect on the current operation and workflow of all relevant stakeholders and determine areas of weakness. This will help your team identify your specific needs.

    • Where is my team currently struggling? What aspects of our operation and workflow are thwarting desired growth and success?

  2. Discuss the organization's SMART goals and areas of specific interest. This will help your team decide on the direction of improvement and, furthermore, the best EHR to help reach those goals.

    • Where do I want to be in five to ten years? Is the focus of my institution currently financial growth and stability or clinical operation and efficiency?

  3. Determine the EHR requirements of your institution or specialty. During this process, individuals and institutions should consider a number of factors, such as features, price, and reputation.

    • What would my ideal EHR entail? Do I prefer a cloud or server based EHR? What is my budget?

  4. Based on your desired factors, create a list of important questions to ask potential vendors. Refer to our sample question list in the next section for a template.

    • What questions can I ask potential vendors to make sure I’m conducting research that is relevant to my needs and goals?

  5. Conduct an initial review and analysis of EHR vendor options using the internet and trusted sources, and begin narrowing the list of potential vendors based on your established needs and goals.

    • How do existing EHR systems compare? Which EHR systems would I like to further investigate?

  6. Conduct an in-depth review of shortlisted EHR vendors using available resources, such as online demos, reviews, and data.

    • How does this new information and familiarity affect my current list of EHR candidates? Are there any candidates I would like to remove? Which candidates would I like to continue considering?

  7. Reach out to the final vendor candidates and request additional information and/or schedule site visits.

    • How can I get a sense of how this EHR system will work in my practice?

  8. Review and evaluate final candidates, data, needs, and SMART goals and make your final decision for the best EHR for your specialty or institution.

    • Which EHR is best suited for my specialty and/or institution?

  9. Inform the selected vendor of your choice and negotiate the terms of purchase. If an agreement between both parties cannot be met, reach out to the next suitable vendor option.

    • Can this vendor meet and satisfy my terms of purchase?
Key Benefits of the Best EHRs

The highest quality EHRs will of course have much more of an upside compared to any average EHR. Here are some of the benefits of the top EHR systems:

Easy to Use

The best EHRs are easy to use, helping doctors work manageable with intuitive and flexible programs.


The best EHRs are HIPAA compliant and encrypted, protecting a practice's information, both for the practice itself and the patient.


The best EHR should have an AI system that learns and adapts based on a doctor's practice preferences and gets faster and smarter as it is used.


An EHR system enables doctors to work both easier and faster; efficiency is a trait that is pertinent for any business and is vital to the best EHRs.


The best EHRs are affordable and offer the most bang for the buck by saving practitioners money and time and helping them to practice quality medicine efficiently.


Has the comprehensive security, functionality and interoperability features of an EHR to be certified by the Certification Committee for Health Information Technology (CCHIT) for MACRA attestation.


A high-quality EHR system is made up of a reliable, high performing, and user-friendly program that prompts better quality care from its users.


Being able to share information between different EHR systems and share information between providers.


Rankings and awards, like the ACP, AAFP, Software Advice FrontRunners guide, will highlight the finest EHRs based on real life user experience.

Legal Protection

The best EHR will assure its users are abiding with HIPAA requirements, documentation guidelines, and many other legal needs to protect its doctors and ensure quality care.

Customer Satisfaction

Only the best EHR can be rated #1 in customer satisfaction and usability from physician-users who enjoy improved efficiency and medical quality, with increased revenues and professional satisfaction.


Only a template-free EHR will allow more freedom for the doctor as the software is comprehensively customized around the physician rather than relying on cumbersome and uncompromising templates.

What's the difference between
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