Concept Processing

Searching for an acceptable EMR User Interface

For years the Healthcare industry has been heralding the widespread adoption of Electronic Medical Record systems in medicine. However, the reality is that up to now most doctors have not been convinced the technology will meet their specific clinical needs. A key reason behind the uncertainty, and the resulting slow EMR adoption rate among physicians, is the lack of an acceptable user interface. Filling out electronic forms, searching through pick-lists, and forcing patients into uniform molds, are all unacceptable ways of charting patients. Template-based solutions slow physicians down, rather than making documentation easier. Most significantly, physicians should not be forced to conform to a computer; the computer should conform to the provider.

Concept Processing solves the user interface problem endemic to template-based charting systems. Concept Processing was developed and perfected over the last seventeen years as a way for physcians to dramatically improve medical documentation. It is simply the fastest and most accurate way to chart medicine today. The best way to understand how the Concept Processor works, and why it defeats any template system, is to see it in action. At your convenience, view the FREE Praxis Demo. This comprehensive presentation will help you to appreciate how Concept Processing technology has revolutionized Electronic Medical Records. Please contact us with any comments and questions. Alternatively, read on below to find out more about the theory behind Concept Processing.

Concept Processing - An Intelligent Alternative to Templates

Medicine is an art, and no two doctors practice the same way. You are unique in the way you treat your patients, and handle your cases.

However, for every practitioner there is a bell-shaped curve representing a frequency distribution of case types. Some cases are so rare that you most likely have never handled them before. The majority of other cases become repetitive, and are found on top of this bell shape curve.

The Concept Processor brings forward the closest previous encounter in relation to the one you are seeing right now, and instantly puts that case in front of your eyes.

There are only three possibilities of cases: The closest encounter could be identical to your current encounter (not an impossible event). It could be similar to your current note, or you could be dealing with a rare new case.

Praxis Electronic Medical Records (EMR) - The Praxis Concept Processor Solution

If the closest encounter is identical to your present one, you are done! Praxis EMR will generate the new encounter instantly in the same way as you did it before. It will also print or fax your prescriptions, generate instructions to your patients, instructions to your staff, admitting orders to the hospital, procedure reports, work or school excuses, and every other document you require. all effortless and instantaneous... And, it will optimally code the visit and create a super-bill. All this happens in the blink of an eye!

If the encounter is similar but not identical, you simply modify the differences from the closest case using hand-writing recognition, voice recognition, or keyboard. The beauty of Concept Processing, however, is that it memorizes all your changes. So, when your next encounter falls between two similar cases, your editing is cut in half, and then by a quarter for the next case, and then by an eighth....etc. In fact, the more you use the Concept Processor, the faster and smarter it becomes. In time, Praxis becomes you - a true mirror of your mind.

Even rare cases are no match for Concept Processing. These are usually combinations of SOAP Elements, which in themselves are not rare. If the text of each element is saved for a given type of case, you'll have elements available to use with other cases, even though the other cases may not be similar overall.

The role of the Concept Processor is to reflect the human thought process, accurately, and eloquently, using a physician's own words and methodology. This can be done extraordinarily fast; faster even than dictation and speech recognition, and far faster and more flexibly than a template.


Practice Medicine the way it was meant to be.

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