Why Meaningful Use
Is Good News

Earn Up To $44,000 or $63,750 in Incentives with Praxis EMR v7

Meaningful Use Is Good News for Praxis Users

Meaningful use is good news for Praxis users! For the past few decades, medical practitioners have seen the cost of healthcare skyrocket while their compensation decreased. Meaningful use intends to bring that to an end, and Praxis is uniquely positioned to help you make the most of it!

Since 2011, a physician seeing Medicare or Medicaid patients has been eligible to receive up to $44,000 or $63,750, respectively.

With Praxis v7, you are guaranteed to collect the incentive payment you deserve!

Meaningful Use and Usability

Meaningful use is about "usability," a term that has been thrown around plenty these days, but that is often misunderstood by many physicians. "Usability" means ease of use, and it should not be confused with ease of learning. Think of it this way: It is very easy to learn to ride a bicycle, but if you plan to go far, it is much easier to use an automobile. If you go with an easy-to-learn EMR, you'll soon discover that it is about as efficient as pedaling your way across the country. Most of us have probably dedicated hours to learning how to drive a car, even enrolling in Drivers Ed courses to help ensure success at the DMV. With EMRs, the same principle applies; it is worth investing time to learn how to use a powerful EMR like Praxis. That is why we place a great deal of emphasis on training and support. Our support has made us #1 in the AAFP's 2008, 2009, 2010-2011, 2012-2014, 2015 EHR User Satisfaction Survey.

Why Meaningful Use Is Good News for Doctors

Meaningful use aims to make EMRs usable by you. "You" means the doctor-not the insurance company, not the patient, not the government-but you, the actual physician who is going to have to use this computer program day in and day out.

The Meaningful use requirements place doctors back where they belong: in the forefront of EMR development. These sensible rules do away with unnecessary requirements that interfere with usability and the innovation of new technology. For example, the CPT and ICD-10 reporting requirements have been stripped out, as is fitting for a software program that is to be used by doctors, not medical billers. This change recognizes that the fields of billing and medicine are worlds apart, and that, as a result, different software is required to meet the very different needs of professionals in these areas. For this very reason, Praxis does not include a built-in billing feature, but rather partners with leading medical billing applications to give you the best of both worlds: integration with specialization!

Why Meaningful Use Is Good News for Praxis Users

At Praxis, usability from the doctor's point of view is not a new concept; indeed, it is at the very heart of our entire development process. Praxis was founded in 1989 as a better solution to the emerging EMR programs that were taking a fundamentally flawed approach (i.e. templates).

For more than 20 years, we have been refining our uniquely doctor-friendly EMR, rejecting templates altogether. Helping doctors has been Praxis' goal since its inception, a goal we have held to steadfastly. Praxis saves you time, helps you practice better medicine, reduces your personal stress, and helps you earn a higher income. Our unwavering commitment to medical practitioners has made Praxis #1 in quality medicine in the HIMSS's 2015 Physician EHR Switch Survey.

We've accomplished this by keeping the channels of communication open with our community of physician-users. Every time we develop new software, we present it to existing clients and receive invaluable feedback. In effect, Praxis is an EMR developed for doctors by doctors. This team approach has made Praxis the most powerful and usable EMR in the world!

By putting doctors back in the forefront of EMR development, the meaningful use rules align almost perfectly with what a great EHR should be!


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