Praxis Rated Best EHR for Value and Functionality

ENCINO, Calif., July 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ - Capterra, the industry's trusted source for software reviews and evaluations, has named Praxis EMR, a leading developer of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software, the number-one rated EHR in the 2024 EHR Value for the Money Report. This is the second time Praxis has won the EHR Value Report, and it further solidifies AI-based Praxis EMR's reputation as the best Electronic Health Record for delivering the highest value and functionality to healthcare providers nationwide

Capterra conducted an extensive analysis of 150 Electronic Health Record systems to determine the best value EHR for healthcare organizations. Praxis EMR outperformed all other EHRs by offering a perfect blend of affordability and functionality, making it the preferred choice for independent providers.

Praxis Rated Best EHR for Value and Functionality

"We are proud Praxis is rated number one in value and functionality by Capterra," said Dr. Richard Low, CEO of Praxis EMR. "However, value only explains part of why physicians choose Praxis over other systems. Praxis is the only AI based EHR that helps a provider's medical thinking at the point of care. All other EHRs are based on templates that don't help you think, which is why providers prefer Praxis. Praxis helps providers save time and practice better medicine, and this can’t be measured in just 'value for the money,'" added Dr. Low.

According to Capterra's reviews, Praxis EMR users agree. "The customizability of Praxis is its most powerful feature. Praxis learns with you as you build notes and makes them better with every iteration," says Dr. Heidi Heras, MD, an ENT specialist in American Fork, UT. "The price is affordable even for a solo practitioner like myself."

"I've tried three different AI systems, and the others did not work," says Dr. Todd Waldorf, DO, of Adirondack Osteopathy in Crown Point, NY. "The best thing about Praxis is that it gives you back the time all of the other EMRs have stolen from you. Praxis allows you to complete your documentation in a fraction of the time, all while returning your personal time back to you and your family."

"There is nothing that this EMR cannot do to make my practice easier," says Dr. Keyvan Shirazi, MD, of Shirazi Medical Group in Encino, CA. "It has allowed me to provide better care to my patients, document better, and keep up with the difficult regulations that are imposed on us. The use of Praxis is limited only by your imagination." added Dr. Shirazi.

Praxis EMR's advantage lies in its AI technology called Concept Processing, which gets faster and smarter the more it is used. Unlike template-based systems that slow down charting, Praxis EMR learns from each provider’s unique preferences, resulting in faster, more accurate, and higher-quality documentation tailored to individual workflows.

"In today’s dynamic healthcare landscape, AI-driven efficiency is paramount," added Dr. Low. "Praxis is the only system that learns from each physician, whereas other purportedly ‘AI-based’ systems, such as ambient voice, create recordings in the exam room, posing tremendous medical and legal risks to providers. With Praxis, physicians have the power of AI to enhance their productivity, protect themselves legally, and transform their quality of care, and this is priceless," concluded Dr. Low.

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