Praxis EMR Protects Doctors from Illegal Upcoding

Praxis EMR is in the news! This time, Praxis was covered on the front page of the New York Times!

September 25, 2012 - As Praxis EMR could not fully comment in the article, we'd like to reiterate what we reported to The New York Times last week.

The New York Times

"Medicare Bills Rise as Records Turn Electronic" September 25, 2012.

It is true that Praxis EMR can increase reimbursements for physicians who see cases covered by Medicare or by other insurance providers based on Levels of Service Codes. This is not a result of cheating the system, however, but the result of practicing higher quality medicine.  Praxis EMR helps doctors work smarter and better document their work, resulting in higher reimbursements. Why should physicians not be compensated for providing superior quality service? Currently, many physicians and billers alike undercode in fear of Medicare denials. Praxis EMR corrects this problem by reminding doctors to complete all of the tasks outlined under Medicare guidelines, allowing them to provide high-quality care and charge fairly.

As American taxpayers, we should all be concerned about the rising costs of health care. As patients, however, we deserve the highest quality care irrespective of cost. This is a fundamental issue that Praxis EMR helps resolve.  

Praxis is the only EHR on the market not based on templates, enabling doctors to document every unique case quickly and completely. This allows physicians to code optimally every time. Praxis EMR protects doctors from illegal upcoding as well as unnecessary downcoding.

Most physicians are honest and highly ethical. Doctors who cheat do not need an EMR to do so.


Richard M. Low, MD

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