Our Solution for Billers

Are you losing clients to so-called "integrated" EHR/billing solutions?

Are some of your most valued customers threatening to leave your proven services not because they do not like your billing, but rather because they need a great EMR?

No doubt you offer superior medical billing, but if your clients are making decisions based on their need for a better EMR, you'll lose the account. If this sounds familiar, Praxis EMR offers you an excellent opportunity: integrate your billing service with our #1 rated, award-winning and billing-independent EHR. We promise that as a Praxis Preferred Billing Partner, together we will grow your business, retain your client base, and take the industry by storm.

Praxis EMR is the only leading EMR that works with all billing systems. Furthermore, at Praxis we make a pledge to you that we will never offer billing to your customers. All other EMRs now offer billing, and therefore are a direct threat to your core business. Praxis always complements your billing business and never competes against it. In fact, it's part of our business model and vision to connect with your experienced services to offer a superior Billing/PM/EMR solution to clinics in all 50 states and throughout the world. Offer Praxis EMR to your clients and we'll introduce you to ours. Indeed, as respective billing and EMR specialists, we have common competitors today. We look forward to speaking with you very soon to discuss: partnering with Praxis and offering an integrated solution to clients for a long-term partnership. To learn more about how Praxis EMR can work with you, please contact us (HERE)


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