Software Advice Ranks Praxis EMR #1 is Usability and Customer Recommended

The Best Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Software of 2021 - Named the #1 EHR according to Physician-Users.

Woodland Hills, Calif., March 15th, 2021 - Praxis EMR, a leading provider of Electronic Health Records (EMR/EHR) software for physicians, announced its #1 ranking in the prestigious FrontRunners EHR Usability quadrants at Software Advice. Software Advice by Gartner is the world's leading research and advisory company featuring online reviews of Electronic Heath Records. Praxis EMR ranked first place after a review of hundreds of Electronic Health Records systems, with the best score in Usability and the highest Customer Satisfaction score. Out of the top 19 EHRs, Praxis earned the best scores in both Usability and Customer Satisfaction, with an overall score of 4.96 out of 5.0.

The difference between Praxis EMR and template-based EHRs is its ability to adapt to each physician's unique way of practicing medicine. Rather than using pre-loaded templates, Praxis uses artificial intelligence (A.I.) that learns from each user to chart progressively faster and more efficiently.

"This is wonderful news," said Doctor Richard Low, CEO of Infor-Med Corporation, makers of Praxis EMR, "Praxis is the only EMR not based on templates, and this is why physicians prefer it to other EMRs. Templates force users to click through pick-lists to describe complex medical situations. "Medicine is an art and no two doctors practice the same way. By learning physician's individual approach, Praxis EMR documents fast, in the physician's own words, with high medical quality. Using this software helps doctors save time and practice better medicine." said Doctor Low.

Praxis EMR - The Top Rated EHR - Software Advice FrontRunners 2021 User Reviews - Top Electronic Medical Records Software

Praxis EMR - The Top Rated EHR - Software Advice FrontRunners 2021 User Reviews - Top Electronic Medical Records Software

Your Guide to Top Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software, March 2021

Software Advice uses reviews from real software users to highlight the top-rated Electronic Medical Records Software products in North America.

Praxis EMR - The Top Rated EHR - Software Advice FrontRunners 2021 User Reviews - Top Electronic Medical Records Software

Download the full FrontRunners for Electronic Medical Records report here.

Products Scored Based on User Reviews

Software products are scored in two areas-Usability and Customer Satisfaction-based on actual user ratings. EHRs have to offer a core set of functionality-for example, they must be able to create and store digital patient records, generate E/M codes, provide decision support, retain ONC-ATCB certification (meaning the system meets standards set by government health officials) and more. From there, user reviews dictate the Usability and Satisfaction scores.

The EHR "FrontRunners" quadrants rank EHR leaders that offer the best Usability with the highest Customer Satisfaction scores. FrontRunners uses real reviews from real software users and highlights the best software products to help small businesses make more informed decisions about what software is right for them.

According to Software Advice's reviews, physicians love using Praxis EMR. "Praxis is the most unique and adaptive EMR I have ever seen." says Doctor Todd Waldorf, DO, of Adirondack Osteopathy, PLLC. "Praxis gets better at auto populating your note every time you use it. One of the more amazing parts of using Praxis is that this EMR grows with you. It changes on the fly to adapt to the progressive changes you make in the ways you practice medicine. What could possibly be better than that?" asks Doctor Waldorf.

"Praxis is my fourth EMR over last 25 years and so far the best EMR that I have used... I wish I had known about it years ago, says Alkesh C. Amin, MD of Lake Jackson, TX. Physician can customize Praxis with little to no effort and personalize it to fit your need and satisfaction. Starting from implementation and training to go live, the Praxis team was totally dedicated with one goal in mind- the success of my practice... The most important thing, I am enjoying myself and feel like I've got my life back." says Doctor Amin.

"Thanks to A.I. driven charting and template-free telemedicine capabilities, physicians everywhere may use Praxis and save hours each day while improving their medical quality and making more money." concluded Doctor Low.

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About Praxis EMR

Award-winning, affordable and template-free Praxis EMR is a leading innovator of Electronic Medical Record software, serving thousands of physician-users throughout the U.S and worldwide. The new Praxis EMR v8 is certified as a Complete EHR under CMS' MACRA Quality Payment Program. For more information, please visit

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