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Praxis EMR - Curtis E. Harris, M.S., M.D., J.D., Endocrinology

Curtis E. Harris, M.S., M.D., J.D.

Practicing Endocrinologist, Professor of Medical Law University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, OK

Doctor Curtis Harris is not only a practicing physician (Endocrinologist), and also an attorney and a Professor of Medical Law at Oklahoma University, but also happens to have a Masters in Computer Sciences and is a Praxis client.

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"While several other systems provide for such things as accurate and legible recording of notes and prescriptions, it is the flexibility and theory behind PRAXIS that will, in the long run, provide the best legal protection for the practicing physician."

Praxis is fast. There is no faster way to chart medicine.

Endocrinologists see a high volume of complex cases covering disorders of the endocrine system such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and its specific secretions known as hormones, as well as related psychological disorders in behavioral endocrinology and comparative endocrinology.

Praxis is Easy to Use. Your Medicine. Your Way.

Intricate endocrinology patient cases require detailed electronical medical records for patients. What sets Praxis apart from other EMR providers is its unique artificial intelligence-based software that learns as you use it. Praxis is built on a "concept processor". When putting together patient notes, you can use plain language to document cases about diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and other disorders of the endocrine system. Shortcuts can be detected automatically in Praxis, making charting become faster.

Praxis improves Medical Quality. Practice your best under any situation.

Especially with a high volume of cases, taking care of patient notes quickly is a top method of ensuring patient satisfaction. Praxis is easy to learn, easy to use, and results in faster documentation, saving you time and increasing your capacity to provide more care. Build new cases easily based on previous cases. The flexibility of Praxis software lets you do what you do best for your practice: provide unique care catered to each patient’s needs.

Praxis EMR Patient-Provider Portal

Endocrinology specialists must adapt to cutting-edge clinical advances and practice guidelines. This requires an intuitively fast, easy-to-use Endocrinology EHR system. Praxis is the solution. We realize that the ideal EHR system for an endocrine specialist must save time, without sacrificing excellence in the diagnosis, documentation, and treatment of endocrinologic related disorders. That means that the best Endocrinology EHR is going to offer personalized and detailed care for each patient. If you practice the highest quality Endocrinology medicine, your EHR needs to keep up with the latest advancements. Praxis uses deep-learning techniques and artificial intelligence to search through an immense amount of data to pick out what is most relevant to you as an endocrine specialist.

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    1st Place
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As a template-free EHR, Praxis allows endocrinology specialists to practice medicine based on their individual style. As an endocrinologist, you must constantly refine your approach to medicine to prevent medical errors. As a result, you will practice smarter and higher quality medicine; however, with a template-based EHR, is it realistic that you will be able to provide unique care to each patient? Praxis is undoubtedly the top-rated EHR for Endocrinology. Totally customizable to your office and clinical workflow, Praxis is the best EMR to enable greater productivity in every aspect of your Endocrinology practice.

Specialty Case Studies

Praxis EMR - Clayton Reynolds, M.D., Endocrinology

Dr. Clayton Reynolds

Endocrinology, Lakeside Medical Associates, Lancaster, CA

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Praxis EMR - Curtis E. Harris, M.S., M.D., J.D., Endocrinology

Curtis E. Harris M.D.

Endocrinology, Oklahoma City, OK

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Praxis EMR - Michael Moses, M.D., Endocrinology

Michael Moses, M.D.

Endocrinology, Parkersberg, WV

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Praxis EMR - Jeremy L. Bradley, M.D., Family Practice

Jeremy Bradley, M.D.

Family Practice, FAAFP, Owensboro, Kentucky

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Praxis EMR - Clayton Reynolds, M.D.

Clayton Reynolds, M.D.

Lakeside Medical Associates, Lancaster, CA

PRAXIS is an electronic engine that not only creates a chart, it takes us physicians to a position of control in the world of medical records ... PRAXIS appears to be the ideal 'student' in that it retains everything it is taught ... It is also the perfect professor because it teaches and reminds the user of how previous cases were handled.

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"I anticipate that PRAXIS will become the gold standard in the field of electronic medical records."

The Intelligent Endocrinology Practice

Import Patient Demographics

Import previously recorded patient details easily and swiftly into the Praxis system for a smooth transition to a new EHR.

Lab Integration

Automatic tracking, trending and health maintenance of discrete lab values within the free text of the patient's chart.

Assessment and Patient-Specific Practice Advisories

Intelligent reminders given clinical parameters family history details, surgical history details, or other chart items as alerts.

Integrated Test Results

Including urinalysis, glucose tests for diabetes, TSH tests, ACTH and CRH stimulation tests, and more.

Customized Wellness and Illness Prevention Plans

Customize and track patient health plans including charts and graphs that are readily available and easily accessible.

Personalized AI

Allows endocrinologists to personalize their workflow, as Praxis AI learns from the user and saves countless hours of charting.

Endocrinology Patient-Specific Alerts

Indicate specific problems, family history details, surgical history details, or other chart items as alerts.

Partnership Between Patient and Practitioner

The relationship between physician and patient is of utmost importance and Praxis allows for a positive relationship to develop due to ease of charting and accessing health details.

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