Praxis EMR Telemedicine

Get closer to your patients. Even when they're far away.

As patients and physicians across the US begin to embrace the shift toward telemedicine as a new phase in the American health care system, it is vital to understand how this shift will affect you and your medical practice.

Telemedicine refers to any use of telecommunications software in the delivery of medical services. Remote consultations, the multitude of medical apps available, and even messaging between doctors and patients all fall under the scope of telemedicine. Closely related to telemedicine is the field of health information technology (HIT) including EHRs.

Fortunately, the gap between HIT and telemedicine is quickly closing as EHR technologies incorporate features that directly relate to the delivery of medical care. Much of this shift has arisen as a result of changing reimbursement policies, whereby insurance companies are finally incorporating e-consultations in their reimbursement policies.

What does this mean for your practice? If you haven’t felt the push already, more than likely you will feel the need in the coming months or years to embrace online forms of communication and consultation with patients. With the right technology in place, the practice of telemedicine may be seamless and, dare we say, enjoyable.

With the latest release of Praxis v6, the transition to telemedicine can be easy. With Praixs you can automate patient messaging online, send medical questionnaires, and host e-visits, among other capabilities. As medicine becomes increasingly technological, it is important to have an EHR that leads the pack in innovation. Praxis EMR's template free technology will allow you to embrace these changes in the medical community with ease, so you can focus on patients.

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