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Praxis EMR - David H. Friedman, M.D., Dermatology, Dermasurgery, Mohs Surgery

David H. Friedman, M.D.

Dermatology, Dermasurgery, Mohs Surgery

Dr. Friedman has been in private practice in Northridge since 1985. He trained at the UCLA Medical School, completed his dermatology residency at Harbor-UCLA, and serves as a Clinical Professor of Dermatology at USC, as well as a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine/Dermatology at UCLA. Dr. Friedman began using Praxis full-time with patients in 2005.

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"I used to routinely undercode… because the documentation to justify it became too onerous... With Praxis, documentation is no longer an arduous job, but a task I thoroughly enjoy doing."

Specialty Case Studies

Praxis EMR - Dr. Daniel Griffin, Internal Medicine

Dr. Daniel Griffin

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Praxis EMR - Stephen L. Newman, M.D., MBA, FACP, Internal Medicine

Stephen Newman, MD

Internal & Sleep Medicine, Brick, New Jersey

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Internal Medicine, Lexington, North Carolina

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The best EHR for Dermasurgery and Mohs Surgery

Praxis is the Best EHR for Dermasurgery and Mohs Surgery based on an AI engine that learns from each physician user and gets progressively faster and smarter the more it is used. Praxis EMR streamlines Dermasurgery and Mohs Surgery visits, including Physical Exams, Checkups, and Wellness. Laboratories and clinical parameters must be integrated with trending values and automating reports by physician, procedure, diagnosis, or any clinical parameter you wish to track.

Learn more about the unique Dermasurgery and Mohs Surgery AI of Praxis EMR

As a template-free EHR, Praxis allows physicians to practice medicine based on their style, refine their approach to medicine, prevent medical errors and practice smarter and higher-quality medicine.

Introducing Concept Processing

The Intelligent Dermasurgery and Mohs Surgery Practice


The fastest way to chart today: you literally chart as fast as you think.


Complete entire complex chart notes with only a few mouse-clicks.

Medical Quality

Praxis EMR continually refines your approach to medicine.


Better medical quality improves productivity and your bottom line.

The Praxis EMR Experience

Practice Medicine Your Own Way.


Quality documentation is the best defense in a legal proceeding.

Praxis EMR - David H. Friedman, M.D., Internal Medicine

David H. Friedman, M.D.

Dermatology, Dermasurgery, Mohs Surgery

"I could not be more satisfied with Praxis EMR. There are innumerable ways large and small that Praxis has made practicing medicine easier, more efficient and many a time pleasurable for both my staff and myself. Like many physicians I was becoming increasingly disenchanted with the practice of medicine, but with Praxis easing my stress and frustrations, I again look forward to going into the office every day."

The Advantages of Praxis for Dermasurgery and Mohs Surgery

Unrivalled streamlined, comprehensive and customized patient automation

I can now quickly fine tune the history taken by my medical assistants, rather than spending an inordinate amount of time asking all the history questions myself. No lost or missing charts. No delayed review of lab results or prescription refill requests as it is all automated and available to me as soon as they arrive in the office. With Praxis, I can rapidly and comprehensively document a patient who complains of actinic keratoses, seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea and needs 2 biopsies to rule out skin cancer within a few minutes. The documentation will include diagrams of the actinic keratoses treatment sites and biopsy sites, the location of previous biopsy sites, a form/label will print out to slap on the biopsy bottle, prescriptions will print out and the documentation to justify the level of coding will be automatically present. I used to routinely undercode because even though I provided the service, the documentation to justify it became too onerous to routinely include in the note. With Praxis, documentation is no longer an arduous job, but a task I thoroughly enjoy doing.

Better quality staff training

Training new medical assistants has now been made much easier by Praxis as procedure set up instructions automatically appear before them when they bring the patient into the exam room. It doesn’t stop there - we recently invited a new physician to join our practice. The Knowledge Exchanger will allow him to much more rapidly document his patient visits accurately and blend in to our practice style.

"Agents", the incomparable more-than-just-a-memo system

I'm sure you've heard how Praxis’ built-in memo system, “Agents,” is far more than just a memo system and greatly improves communication and efficiency in the office. One of its abilities that I find very helpful is that a reminder message will automatically pop up at predetermined times. For instance if I open a patient's chart to enter a pathology report, when I read the biopsy slide a window will pop up reminding me to call the patient with the results since for whatever reason this particular patient isn't returning for a follow-up visit. I can also have a window pop up when I open the chart for a patient visit reminding me to check a spot I noted on the last visit to see if it should be biopsied, or that the patient’s spouse died the previous month or any other reminder I want to see, but don't necessarily want to document in the chart.

More reimbursements

No question that my reimbursements have increased as I now properly code for visits instead of routinely undercoding. I can easily do this because of the automatic documentation from Praxis that requires no extra time or effort from me. Using Praxis is not only more cost-effective for me, but also easy to use.

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