Meaningless Use Dashboards

"Meaningless Use Dashboards" impair your quality of medicine.
With Praxis you don't need them!

Most likely you have heard of the latest insanity from template-based EMR's - "Meaningful Use (MU) dashboards" that keep you in line as you consult your templates to ensure your charting correctly follows the attestation requirements.

Say goodbye to the Art of Medicine. You have become a data-entry clerk. And, big brother is watching.

During Meaningful Use attestation, you must meet thresholds such as 30%, 50% and 70% for core and menu requirements, and clinical quality measures. Most EHRs include Meaningful Use dashboards to show you how far (or how far off the mark) you are. But, unfortunately this information comes after the fact. How about helping you meet these thresholds by informing you of what you need to know and do at the point of care?

Praxis EMR does exactly this and, therefore, instead of telling you "how you are doing," it actually works with you to ensure you report at (or near) 100%. This is surely higher than what the government demands and does away with efforts to maintain high quality by looking over your shoulder every five minutes!

Just as there are no templates in Praxis EMR, there is no need for any MU dashboards. This is because Praxis' artificial intelligence engine automatically enforces Meaningful Use compliance during the patient encounter. Praxis does this by turning every Meaningful Use query into a Practice Guideline Agent. This Agent magically appears whenever the situation calls for it to remind you of what Medicare wants you to do at the only moment that counts-when you have the patient in front of you! With the Praxis approach, you are documenting Meaningful Use instantly at the point of care.

When you are ready to attest, the Praxis Query Engine comes with Meaningful Use queries pre-installed. Run the appropriate queries and record the results:100%!

What a concept! An EMR that works with you instead of against you to help you practice at your optimal level!

Meaningful Use dashboards are further proof that template-based systems do not work. With Praxis, you will never need one. Praxis clients consistently score in the top percentile for Medicare and third-party insurers because Praxis helps you not only document higher quality medicine, but practice better medicine with ease. An EMR should never be about keeping you in line.

Meaningful Use is good news!

Don't let Meaningful Use become a distraction to your practice of medicine!. Say "no thank you" to meaningless Meaningful Use dashboards!


Practice Medicine the way it was meant to be.

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