Template-Free EHR voted #1 by doctors at ACP's AmericanEHR Awards, June 2017.

Praxis EMR® sweeps Electronic Health Record system physician-user awards at AmericanEHR for fourth consecutive year. Praxis ranked #1 in nine of twelve categories.

Praxis EMR, a leading developer of electronic medical records (EMR/EHR) software has received the highest overall ranking by physicians at The American College of Physicians' EHR Top Ten Rating Program at AmericanEHR Partners.

Praxis EMR swept the 1-3 physician categories of the best rated EHR systems and was the highest ranked EHR earning number one standings in nine out of twelve categories including Overall Usability, User Satisfaction and Prescribing. Praxis EMR also won first place in Workflow Management, Order Management, Population Management, Support Experience, Training, and Interfaces. This is the fourth consecutive year that Praxis EMR has been named the #1 EHR in User Satisfaction as well as the #1 overall EHR in Overall Usability.

The difference between Praxis and the today's template-based EMR systems is its ability to adapt to a physician's unique preferences. Rather than using rigid pre-loaded templates, Praxis has artificial intelligence (AI) that learns from each user to chart progressively faster and more effectively. While a Physician sees patients Praxis utilizes its neural-network engine called a Concept Processor that learns from previous encounters to chart progressively faster and more effectively.

"The problem today is not the EHRs, but rather the templates inside them," said Doctor Richard Low, CEO of Praxis EMR. "Praxis is the only template-free EHR and this is why physicians prefer it to other systems. Templates do not work in medicine because they limit decision making. By learning a physician's individual approach, Praxis saves hours every day and enables high levels of medical quality. On the other hand, template EHRs turn doctors into data-entry clerks, forcing them to use templates in order to chart. That's why templates do not work in medicine," said Dr. Low.

Praxis EME has a long history of number one rankings. The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) also ranked Praxis EMR the #1 EHR by physicians in its user satisfaction survey "Physicians Who have Switched EHRs." As in past AAFP EHR surveys, Praxis EMR ranked first place in user satisfaction, but in this survey physicians were asked to rate their new system after having switched EHRs. Praxis outranked 73 other EHR systems with the largest percentage of physicians who strongly agreed, "I am happy with our new EHR system."

"Praxis lets me practice my high quality of medicine my own way, says John Davis, MD, from his Birmingham based Grayson Valley Family Practice. Praxis is fast and smart and has the best practice guidelines in medicine. Praxis literally automates my chronic patients."

As the US Healthcare system moves towards universal Electronic Healthcare Records, Praxis EMR is dedicated to helping practicing physicians practice medicine their own way instead of being forced into standardized templates. Praxis believes that maintaining physician individuality and freedom while charting is essential to improving medical quality, lowering costs, and improving physicians' income.

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About AmericanEHR Partners

Developed by the American College of Physicians (ACP) and Cienties Technologies, AmericanEHR Partners provides physicians, state and federal agencies, vendors, and funding organizations across the United States with the necessary tools to identify, implement, and effectively use Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and other healthcare technologies.

About the AAFP

The American Academy of Family Physicians among the largest national medical organizations, representing more than 119,500 family physicians, family medicine residents and medical students nationwide. Founded in 1947, its mission has been to preserve and promote the science and art of family medicine and to ensure high-quality, cost-effective health care for patients of all ages.

About Praxis Electronic Medical Records

For more than 25 years, award-winning Praxis EMR has been a leading innovator of Electronic Medical Records software, serving thousands of physicians nationwide. Whereas other EHRs are based on rigid and cumbersome templates, Praxis EMR utilizes an artificial intelligence engine that self learns getting smarter and faster as the user charts in free text. Praxis EMR's focus on clinical usability consistently earns it #1 ratings in physician based user satisfaction surveys.

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