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Praxis EMR Wins Top Rankings in 2009 AAFP EHR User Satisfaction Survey

Canoga Park, CA, November 25, 2009- Praxis Electronic Medical Records received first place rankings in the 2009 American Academy of Family Physicians' (AAFP) Family Practice Management EHR User Satisfaction Survey for improving medical quality, health maintenance, and disease management, all critical for new ARRA Stimulus legislation. Praxis also ranked #1 among doctors indicating their EMR had a positive effect in determining their salary, as well as number one in providing excellent training and support.

The AAFP EHR survey is conducted every two years and was expanded this year to include the top 22 vendors of EMRs (also known as EHRs). This year, 2,012 physicians participated in the study of 142 different EMRs. The AAFP survey is among the largest of its kind in the country and Praxis EMR has won top rankings two consecutive years in a row. Praxis EMR also received top scores in the 2007/2008 AAFP EHR User Satisfaction Survey, winning #1 in overall user satisfaction, ease of use and flexibility, customer support and training, and overall cost savings.

Praxis EMR is the first Electronic Medical Record not based on structured templates. Instead, Praxis uses artificial intelligence that learns the way each physician practices medicine to progressively improve medical quality. “This is wonderful news,” says Richard Low, MD CEO of Praxis EMR. “We are extremely honored that Praxis won in essential categories such as medical quality, health maintenance, and disease management. These are vital areas for improving quality via EMR. We are equally pleased to have won first place when physicians were asked what role EHR plays determining their salaries. This suggests that as Praxis EMR improves medical quality it translates directly to higher incomes. Praxis is an intelligent EMR that mirrors the mind of each provider and keeps learning dynamically for a lifetime, saving doctors time and money.”

The American Academy of Family Physicians is one of the largest national medical organizations, representing more than 94,600 family physicians, family medicine residents and medical students nationwide. Founded in 1947, its mission has been to preserve and promote the science and art of Family Medicine and to ensure high-quality, cost-effective health care for patients of all ages.

With the future of healthcare undergoing medical record digitization, Praxis EMR believes that maintaining physician individuality and freedom while charting electronically is essential to improving medical quality, lowering healthcare costs, and improving physicians’ income.

About Praxis EMR

Award winning Praxis EMR is a leading innovator of Electronic Medical Record software. Founded in 1989, and headquartered in Canoga Park, CA, Praxis EMR serves thousands of satisfied physician-users. To view a free Praxis demo go to: www.praxisemr.com

Press Contact: Oliver Hager at (818) 592-2900 x 5: oliver.hager@praxisemr.com

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