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Praxis EMR - Cecelia Hissong MD, PC, Family practice

Cecelia Hissong MD, PC

Family practice

Stritch School of Medicine, Loyola University of Chicago, Maywood, IL

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"In my practice we see hundreds of diagnoses. I can't even imagine another program that could come near to Praxis in terms of its flexibility"

Praxis is fast. There is no faster way to chart medicine.

Functional Medicine practices a holistic approach to patient care and treatment, diving into every aspect of a patient's lifestyle and body to address symptoms with the most accurate and personalized diagnosis. Rightfully so, Functionalists place a high value on the patient-physician relationship to get these precise and thorough treatments.

Praxis is Easy to Use. Your Medicine. Your Way.

Doctors of Functional Medicine face busy schedules and find themselves lacking time to focus on the essential patient - physician relationship . Template-based EHRs which are rigid and cumbersome exacerbate this problem, causing doctors to waste time selecting from pick lists and checkboxes, limiting the productivity and personalization of their practice. An EHR for Functional Medicine must be intuitive, fast, easy to use and customizable to the physician's workflow, allowing them more quality time to form meaningful patient - physician relationships.

Praxis is Financially Smart. Want Financial Freedom? Using Praxis Pays.

Praxis offers the best EHR for Functional Medicine with an AI engine that learns from each physician user, getting progressively faster and smarter the more it is used. As a template-free EHR, Praxis allows physicians to constantly refine their approach to prevent medical errors and practice smarter and higher quality medicine. Praxis is the #1 EHR for Functional Medicine and is completely customizable to the office and clinical workflow, which enables functional medicine practitioners to be as efficient as possible in their day to day practices.

Specialty Case Studies

Praxis EMR - Dr. Daniel Griffin, Pain Management

Dr. Daniel Griffin

Pain Management, Fort Collins, Colorado

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Praxis EMR - Stephen L. Newman, M.D., MBA, FACP, Pain Management

Stephen Newman, MD

Internal & Sleep Medicine, Brick, New Jersey

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Praxis EMR - Dr. Stephen Hsieh, Pain Management

Dr. Stephen Hsieh

Pain Management, Lexington, North Carolina

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Praxis EMR - Jeremy L. Bradley, M.D., Family Practice

Jeremy Bradley, M.D.

Family Practice, FAAFP, Owensboro, Kentucky

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The best EHR for Pain Management

Praxis EMR is rated number one in physician user satisfaction, usability, medical quality, training, support, and user recommended, in addition to many other categories, and is loved by solo and independent physicians in all specialties of medicine.

I enjoy using this EHR.

Praxis is #1 when physicians are asked if they enjoy using their EHR.

I can see more patients or go home earlier.

Praxis is the fastest way to chart medicine today.

I am highly satisfied with this EHR.

Physicians rate Praxis #1 in user satisfaction.

EHR notes promote better patient care.

Praxis improves medical quality and helps make you a better doctor.

See why Praxis is Rated #1

The Advantages of an AI-Driven Template-Free Practice

AI-Driven EHR Intelligence

Chart your own way!

Template-Free Charting

Industry leading usability

Rated #1 by Physicians

The highest rated EHR in healthcare

Advanced Clinical Query, Research Tools and Quality Reporting

The most powerful query in medicine


Flexible and customized integrated billing and professional billing

Integrated Real-Time Labs

Lab values streamed directly in the chart

Integrated eRx

Easy to use, adaptive, automated e-prescribing

Customized Health Maintenance and Disease Management

Excellence in population health

With Praxis, your charting is fluid, natural, and intuitive.

Practice Medicine your own way!

No other EHR is as personalized, flexible, and adaptive as Praxis EMR. With Praxis, your charting is fluid, natural, and intuitive. You chart like you think and how you work, with the fewest clicks in the EHR industry. The template-free, easier and more intuitive charting frees you up to focus on what you do best; giving wonderful medical care to your patients.

  • AI-Driven Praxis is the top rated EHR: See How Praxis Works
  • Praxis is the only template-free EHR. See how Praxis saves you time and money and why templates don't work.
  • Praxis comes with Medical Knowledge Databases in all specialties, enabling rapid startups.
  • The Praxis Charting Manifesto explains why the paper-record paradigm used in other EHRs is no longer viable in medicine: The Praxis Charting Manifesto
  • For an overview of Praxis EMR, see The Theory of Praxis
  • Praxis EMR's Datum+ Reporting Tool is the only viable solution for Functional Medicine because it solves the reporting dilemma; how to query and share discrete data without turning providers into robots or data-entry clerks. Please review Datum+: Datum+ Quality Reporting.

Practice the way it was meant to be

Chart without limitations

  • Engage your patients through our intelligent Patient Portal
  • Customize follow ups and repeat visits and increase revenue with our Appointment Management Scheduler.
  • Personalize your preferences with the most versatile EHR system in Healtcare.
  • Improve efficiency with a template-free, AI driven engine that will adapt to your way of thinking.
  • Document with an intuitive system that allows you to save time on clicking and spend more time practicing medicine.
  • Reduce paper, faxing, printing and scanning.
  • Automated real time labs and imaging connections.
  • Chart wherever, whenever, from your computer, tablet, or mobile device.
  • Unlimited chart notes to any referral or consult.
  • Easy access to your patients medical and treatment history from anywhere.
  • Tailor each provider's EHR workflows for a the most custom fit in medicine.
  • Intelligent reminders about recently used lists, automatic favorites or other chart items as alerts for easy order submission.
  • Facilitate your patient's medications with our top rated Integrated, easy to use, adaptive, e-prescribing (eRx).
  • Increase productivity and spend more time with patients while charting progressively faster and easier.
  • Save 2.5 hours a day and enjoy your charting!

Praxis allows you to integrate your billing to enable industry leading integration with award winning specialization.

Integrate your billing!

Praxis allows you to integrate your billing to enable industry leading integration with award winning specialization. Get paid faster at a higher level while improving your practice profitability. Do not be fooled by billing companies now peddling templates. Templates do not work in medicine.

  • Are you looking for the best integrated billing? Praxis lets you choose the best integrated billing for your practice. Please see Praxis EMR preferred (Praxis Integrated Billing Partners) to select the best billing for your personalized needs.
  • Do you already have a great billing? If you have a good billing, don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. Praxis connect to you billing electronically so you won't miss a charge.
  • Praxis saves you time and makes you more money (Praxis makes you more money).
  • Your improved Documentation Quality will increase your bottom line: (Medical Quality leads to more revenues).
  • Praxis is the only system that protects you legally.
  • Praxis protects you against malpractice lawsuits, and helps avoid Medicare denials and prevents illegal up-coding.
  • With Praxis you increase your revenues and bottom line, and bill the way that works best for your independent and solo provider medical practice. Praxis makes you more money.
  • Praxis makes you more money.

Hassle Free Transition!

Hassle Free Transition!

No matter the size or shape of your Independent or Private practice, dedicated specialists will assist you with implementation support and online learning to get started quickly and efficiently, and we promise toy keep you at 100% productivity throughout your EHR switch!

  • Praxis EMR allows for a hassle free transition from all other EHR systems with our dedicated data migration team and our customized direct implementation. We guide you through the process every step of the way.
  • We are experienced (we like to think we are experts) at importing your demographic and clinical data from your current system.
  • Whether you're starting a new Independent or private medical practice from scratch, transitioning from paper or switching from another EHR, we create individual transition plans to ensure you're prepared.
  • Most providers and practices find the online learning enjoyable and even invigorating. Praxis is smart and learns from you!
  • Our Implantation team will be there for you after getting Praxis up and running, and will continue to reach out to make sure you love your EHR. For additional support we offer resources such as video tutorials, demos and live chats.
What are the best EHR systems?

Find out why Praxis is the best EHR for small and mid-sized practices including Functional Medicine Specialists.

Enable your small and mid-sized Independent Practice with the freedom to work the way you like, while enjoying excellence in Medical Quality and Usability with the best EHR for Functional Medicine. IN A NATIONAL USER SATISFACTION SURVEY Praxis EMR ranked number one in usability and customer satisfaction. Praxis ranked first place after a review of hundreds of Electronic Health Records systems, earning the best score in usability and the highest customer satisfaction scores. Praxis is ranked the top EHR in healthcare for 2023.

Software Advice's FrontRunners uses reviews from software users to highlight the best software products and help medical practices make more informed decisions about what software is the best for their needs. Praxis swept the rankings and placed higher than all other EHRs evaluated. You work hard and deserve the best EHR for Functional Medicine. The EHR "FrontRunners" quadrants ranks EHRs that offer the best usability with the highest user recommended scores.

Praxis EMR - The Top Rated EHR - Software Advice FrontRunners 2020 User Reviews - Top Electronic Medical Records Software

After a review of hundreds of Electronic Health Records systems, Praxis is ranked #1 over all other EHRs surveyed. Praxis is rated the top EHR system, earning #1 rankings in the following categories:

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