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Praxis EMR - Cecelia Hissong MD, PC, Family practice

Cecelia Hissong MD, PC

Family practice

Stritch School of Medicine, Loyola University of Chicago, Maywood, IL

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"In my practice we see hundreds of diagnoses. I can't even imagine another program that could come near to Praxis in terms of its flexibility"

Praxis is fast. There is no faster way to chart medicine.

Small and private practices make up the cornerstone of our healthcare system and are where most patients receive medical care outside of a hospital. A smaller clinical setting offers excellence in personalized care and receives high levels of patient satisfaction, while fostering close connections between patients, providers and staff. The more personalized small practice approach equates to high quality care, increased patient engagement and improved clinical outcomes.

Praxis is Easy to Use. Your Medicine. Your Way.

With the increasing shortage of physicians and a growing population, providers in all specialties are being asked to work longer hours and see a greater number of patients. This has contributed to alarming levels of physician burnout while our healthcare system struggles to meet the growing demand for medical care. To exacerbate the problem, providers have been required to implement Electronic Health Records (EHR), following the federal government's push towards digitizing our nation's EHRs.

Praxis improves Medical Quality. Practice your best under any situation.

Most EHR systems today are based on "templates" that offer a one-size fits all approach, forcing providers to use structured pick-lists to document patient encounters. Templates require significant amounts of data entry and users experience high degrees of dissatisfaction, often spending twice as much time with their EHR as they do with their patients. Most physicians today describe their EHR as clunky, rigid, difficult to use and not recommendable to a colleague. Template EHR systems do not fit small practices and are poorly designed to handle the modern documentation demands facing small and private practices.

Praxis is Financially Smart. Want Financial Freedom? Using Praxis Pays.

A top EHR for small practices must help (not hinder) the overburdened provider by enabling them to spend less time clicking or swiping and more time engaged in face-to-face contact with patients. The best EHR for small practices must be intuitive, easy to use, fast as well as offer health maintenance, disease management and quality reporting to facilitate communication between providers and patients.

Praxis Electronic Health Record - Best rated American EHR
    1st Place
Praxis Electronic Health Record - Best rated AAFP
    1st Place
Praxis Electronic Health Record - Best rated Capterra
Praxis Electronic Health Record - Best rated Software Advice

As an artificial intelligence (AI) driven, template-free EHR, Praxis is the best EHR for small practices because it allows physicians to practice medicine based on their own individual style rather than forcing them to use rigid and cumbersome templates. Praxis is rated #1 for small practices because the AI inside adapts to any clinical workflow, enabling greater efficiency throughout all aspects of the small practice setting.

Specialty Case Studies

Praxis EMR - Dr. Daniel Griffin, Pain Management

Dr. Daniel Griffin

Pain Management, Fort Collins, Colorado

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Praxis EMR - Stephen L. Newman, M.D., MBA, FACP, Pain Management

Stephen Newman, MD

Internal & Sleep Medicine, Brick, New Jersey

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Praxis EMR - Dr. Stephen Hsieh, Pain Management

Dr. Stephen Hsieh

Pain Management, Lexington, North Carolina

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Praxis EMR - Jeremy L. Bradley, M.D., Family Practice

Jeremy Bradley, M.D.

Family Practice, FAAFP, Owensboro, Kentucky

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The best EHR for Pain Management

Praxis EMR is rated number one in physician user satisfaction, usability, medical quality, training, support, and user recommended, in addition to many other categories, and is loved by solo and independent physicians in all specialties of medicine.

I enjoy using this EHR.

Praxis is #1 when physicians are asked if they enjoy using their EHR.

I can see more patients or go home earlier.

Praxis is the fastest way to chart medicine today.

I am highly satisfied with this EHR.

Physicians rate Praxis #1 in user satisfaction.

EHR notes promote better patient care.

Praxis improves medical quality and helps make you a better doctor.

See why Praxis is Rated #1

The Advantages of an AI-Driven Template-Free Practice

AI-Driven EHR Intelligence

Chart your own way!

Template-Free Charting

Industry leading usability

Rated #1 by Physicians

The highest rated EHR in healthcare

Advanced Clinical Query, Research Tools and Quality Reporting

The most powerful query in medicine


Flexible and customized integrated billing and professional billing

Integrated Real-Time Labs

Lab values streamed directly in the chart

Integrated eRx

Easy to use, adaptive, automated e-prescribing

Customized Health Maintenance and Disease Management

Excellence in population health

With Praxis, your charting is fluid, natural, and intuitive.

Chart your Way!

Through Praxis EMR's AI driven software, Praxis reduces the amount of hours spent charting and performing administrative work whilst preserving maximum productivity and safety.

As the best EHR for Small Practice Medicine Providers, you can count on Praxis EMR to provide:

  • Involve your patients with their records through our Patient Portal
  • Totally automatic faxing of any and all documents by using the Contact Data system
  • Diminish no-shows, customize repeated visits and increase revenue with our Appointment Management Tool
  • Personalize your preferences with the most versatile system available, a template-free, AI driven engine that will adapt to your words and way of thinking, becoming faster and smarter over time. Charting with an intuitive system will allow you to save time on clicking and typing and more time practicing medicine
  • Reduce faxing, waiting and scanning with Automatic real time labs and imaging connections. Send and receive lab results electronically with free electronic access to your labs and imaging centers
  • Chart wherever, whenever, from your computer, tablet, or mobile device
  • Unlimited chart notes to any Referral you send
  • Easy access to your patients medical and treatment history
  • Create and keep track of plans alongside patients with ease of access and customizable treatments
  • Tailor each provider's EHR work-flows for a Custom Fit
  • Intelligent reminders about recently used lists, automatic favorites or other chart items as alerts for easy order submission
  • Facilitate your patient's medications with our top rated Integrated, easy to use, adaptive, e-prescribing (eRx)
  • Submit orders electronically to every e-prescribing pharmacy across the nation
  • Save 2.5 hours a day

Practice the way it was meant to be

Integrate your billing!

Praxis allows you to integrate your billing to enable industry leading integration with award winning specialization. Get paid faster at a higher level while improving your practice profitability. Do not be fooled by billing companies now peddling templates. Templates do not work in medicine.

What are the best EHR systems?

Find out why Praxis is the best EHR for small and mid-sized practices.

Enable your small and mid-sized practice with the freedom to work the way you like, while enjoying excellence in Medical Quality and Usability with the best EHR for Small Practices. IN A NATIONAL USER SATISFACTION SURVEY Praxis EMR ranked number one in usability and customer satisfaction. Praxis ranked first place after a review of hundreds of Electronic Health Records systems, earning the best score in usability and the highest customer satisfaction scores. Praxis is ranked the top EHR in healthcare for 2023.

Software Advice's FrontRunners uses reviews from software users to highlight the best software products and help medical practices make more informed decisions about what software is the best for their needs. Praxis swept the rankings and placed higher than all other EHRs evaluated. You work hard and deserve the best EHR for Small Practices. The EHR "FrontRunners" quadrants ranks EHRs that offer the best usability with the highest user recommended scores.

Praxis EMR - The Top Rated EHR - Software Advice FrontRunners 2020 User Reviews - Top Electronic Medical Records Software

After a review of hundreds of Electronic Health Records systems, Praxis is ranked #1 over all other EHRs surveyed. Praxis is rated the top EHR system, earning #1 rankings in the following categories:

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